Mangaka of the Month~ Hatori Bisco

Bisco Hatori

(葉鳥ビスコ Hatori Bisuko)


(Bisco Hatori is a pseudonym)

Place & Date of Birth: August 30, 1975, Saitama, Japan.

Gender: Female

Blood type: AB

Horoscope: Virgo

Bisco Hatori’s website

Bio: Bisco Hatori made her manga debut with Isshun kan no Romance (A Moment of Romance) in LaLa DX magazine. The comedy Ouran High School Host Club is her breakout hit. When she’s stuck picking characters’ names, she gets inspired by loud, upbeat music (her radio is set to NACK5 FM). She enjoys reading all kinds of manga, but she‘s especially fond of the sci-fi drama Please Save My Earth and Slam Dunk, a basketball classic. -Shojo Beat


  1. A Romance of One Moment
  2. Millenium Snow/A Thousand Years of Snow/Sennen no Yuki (2 Vols currently available, on hiatus)
  3. Ouran High School Host Club(compiled into 17 Vols – soon be 18 Vols, completed)

Bisco Hatori is mangaka of the month this November having just completed Ouran High School Host Club, though there will be a special Ouran chapter out in January next year. Having followed Ouran and Millenium Snow when they debuted in 2003, it’s enticing to watch how a mangaka’s drawing style develop throughout the years. Her art is unmistakably unique and her execution in Ouran was impeccable. Hopefully, she would be able to resume Millenium Snow with  lots of good content and I’ve been quite eager to find out what will happen next! Thank you Bisco Hatori!


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2 responses to “Mangaka of the Month~ Hatori Bisco

  1. Will she never finish Millennium Snow? What a waste. It was really interesting.

    • i enjoyed millenium snow too. i havent heard of any news that she’ll resume the work, i think its highly likely that she’ll be starting a new story though. she might even continue it and commence a new serialisation. i’m really curious to see how she would continue millenium snow after all the experience she’s had with ouran.

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