Lala Issue 01/2011~

Dropped by Japan Centre again this weekend to pick up this issue! Sadly, they don’t stock Asuka Monthly or Aria magazine. I might try ordering Asuka online if it keeps me awake at night. I took some photos instead of scanning since it gives this personal effect 😀 and I’m too lazy to scan stuff. Anyways, Maid-sama! takes the spotlight by appearing in the beginning-of-year cover page:


Here’s this issue’s freebie, a slide-up calender to welcome 2011, it’s the size of a small notepad:


Here’s a list of mangas that made it into the calender:

  1. January: Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori
  2. February: Pure Love Labyrinth by Yuki Nakaji
  3. March: Kimi Ni XOXO by Tohko Mizuno
  4. April: Ookamiheika No Hanayome by Mato Kauta
  5. May: Library Love War by Kiiro Yumi & Hiro Arikawa
  6. June: La corda d’oro by Yuki Kure
  7. July: Natsume Yujin-Cho by Yuki midorikawa
  8. August: Kaichou Wa Maid-sama by Hiro Fujiwara
  9. September: Chotto Edo Maede by Masami Tsuda
  10. October: Gakuen Baby-Sitters by Hari Tokeino
  11. November: Faster than a Kiss by Meca Tanaka
  12. December: Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino

You just slide-up each card for a particular month like this:

There’s also an option to let it stand:

The most exciting thing about this issue(at least for me) was a one-shot by Akizuki Sorata!!!

That’s it for me for this issue! Hopefully I can get Asuka Monthly and I’m quite curious about Aria Magazine which was launched earlier this year by Kodansha, I’m quite behind.



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