Random-topic: Knights of the Crystals

For the past 3 days I’ve been obsessed with a Facebook game called Knights of the Crystals by Square Enix. One of my friends called me lame but I was all like ‘woe/evs I love this game.’ I actually started the game because  was just browsing through the FFXIII website and voi-la. I love Square Enix, so there you go. Did I mention I got arawr addicted as well.

It’s almost like Mafia Wars if you ever played it, I have no idea what Mafia Wars is like since I never played it, I just quoted that from somewhere I’ve already forgotten. You level up, get cool items and invite friends to become stronger then you can fight these random people on FB. It’s just like Haymore over here who whacked me 6 times consecutively, no offence if you’re Haymore & you’re reading this. It’s not like I’m going to go after you or anything, but that’s a whole different story…

Like all FB games, they’re designed to earn some dosh, and for the first time in my disgraceful life I decided to spend 6 quid on some Square Enix coins and I wasted it on a silver box, hoping to get some awesome item but I got something ‘common’ instead. How common.

This should be at the beginning of this arc of the post but it’s too much trouble re-arranging the pictures. You go on quests, which you basically don’t do anything but just press accept.

You need action power to go on quests which is really annoying because you have to wait 5 mins for it replenish not 2 or 3 action power points but 1. How stingy. So I can safely say I spent a few days just staring at the time.

As you move on you can collect treasures & unlock more classes! Monk’s stronger but Healer is cool-er hence I’m healer. arawr is a monk, eu no as coo-l as moi.

Alternatively, you can change your gender whenever you want but to change your name you need 20 Square Enix points which is painful. So if you ever try this game out choose your name wisely.

Here’s the cool illustration of a male healer. Til the next random musing. Come the end-of-year holidays. I forgot to mention at the beginning, Knights of the Crystals is Final Fantasy for FB, in case you still don’t know what I’ve been ranting about.


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