Manga-Talk: Sabrina

*Spoilers alert*

So I was browsing through a selection of one-shots for this weekend the other night I stumbled across a very weird piece of work by Tsunomu Nihei, who’s a mangaka famous for his cyber-punk influenced work like Blame! The one-shot was called Sabrina, which I believe is the girl who get’s her hand stuck in a wall with a bunch of baby-monster things trying to consume her arm. It’s quite bizarre. Then this suspicious looking man comes along and offers to cut her arm off to help her. She agrees and the job is done and she say’s “thank you.” The man then brings her arm home and eats it.

My first reaction was that this was some messed up piece of work, it’s rather horrifying. My next response was to introduce a running topic to M.W called Bizarre Bazaar which mainly focuses on our odd/abnormal manga finds. My 3rd reaction was I decided that wasn’t quite a good idea because I went on to find more weird manga and I was frankly very disturbed. The drawing style in Sabrina is quite unique, a lot of attention to detail to the architecture and surroundings which I believe is Tsunomu Nihei’s trademark. I don’t really get what was the point  of this work, it felt more like an individual’s fantasy put on paper(a very weird one, compared to mine). Maybe the moral is that you don’t get your hand stuck in a wall or something. Very morbid.  No Bizarre Bazaar everyone.



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