Lala DX Issue 01/2011

Hello hello! The weather wasn’t as cruel today so I ventured out to do some Christmas shopping. It wasn’t snowing, it was raining! Hopping from department store to the next, leaving Japan Centre, Regent Street my second final stop to get myself a copy of Lala DX. It was £12.70 – more pricey than Lala Special or Lala 1.

Anyway, Maid-sama is on the cover of this issue of Lala DX with a ski themed illustration. I’ve concluded that Maid-sama is out to take over the world:

In this issue you can find a drama CD of Harukanaru Toki No Nakade (Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time) and two post-cards with the illustrations  by Tohko Mizuno of the same series.

The post-cards are placed inside this envelope:

What the post-cards look like on the envelope:

The back of the post-card:

Here are the post-cards themselves, they’re so pretty and the colours vibrant, I’ll probably never use them as post-cards but as bookmarks: !!!

Here’s some pictures of some serialisations in this issue. This is Momoyama Kyo–dai by Fujitsuka Yuki:

Akagami No Shirayuki-hime by Akizuki Sorata: !!!

My last stop was the Japanese confectionary, Minamoto Kitchoan in Piccadily. Then I got home, brewed some Oolong tea, had a few desserts from Minamoto Kitchoan and of course, went through Lala DX. A perfect winter’s night.

The little treat above is called Fukufukusa – folded sponge cake with red-bean paste as filling, really yummy! That’s all folks!



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