Manga-Talk: Bambi no Tegami

So for the past 10 minutes, I’ve been wondering how M.W. will run Mushroom Manga and Manga-Talk posts. I was confusing myself and I’ve already forgotten why. Lol. Anyways, I’ve concluded that Mushroom Manga is strictly for recommendation :))). All the other rants shall be included in this post.

So, England is suffering from adverse weather and Christmas is coming up. I was desperately trying to find some snow or Christmas-y themed sort of manga when I stumbled on Bambi no Tegami by Takano Ichigo. Is there Christmas? No, but the heroine lives on this hill with tons of snow, and – well, Bambi makes me think of Rudolph the red-nose reindeer.

Bambi no Tegami is about a girl who’s stricken with bad luck but one day she casts a spell from a magazine (I found this weird) to obtain 3 months worth of good fortune. Soon she meets this mysterious guy and he helps her blah blah blah and then her best girl-friend reveals that she loves the heroine’s crush and then we have a bit of drama. Oh, and the heroine had a reindeer in he past named Bambi and the mysterious guy remind her of Bambi because he has comforting quality – I found this sweet. The story is quite rushed and the story-telling isn’t a good as it could be, and well, the main reason for this post is that I wanted to share these pretty illustrations of the manga:

It’s snowy and Christmas-y and there’s a guy and a gal, which suggests love. What a wonderful Christmas will that be! Well, I’ve got nothing to add now so til next time! Hopefully I’ll find a really nice snow/Chritsmas-y manga next round. Why is my skype not working :x?



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  1. arawr

    was wondering what happened to you since i hvnt seen u on skype for the past 24 hrs. nice to see ur alive and kicking

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