One-shot for the Weekend – Caramel Milk Tea: Kirakira no kimochi

Title: Caramel Milk Tea: Kirakira no kimochi/A Sparkling Mood

Author: Usami Maki

Artist: Usami Maki

Genres: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, School Life

Summary: Narumi tries to make the most of her time before she moves on Christmas Day, but falls unexpectedly in love

The third chapter in Usami Maki’s tankōbon of one-shots, ‘Caramel Milk Tea’.


Okay, so I dug through my resources and went through what felt like a dozen Christmas one-shots (in reality it was just like five or something) and in the end decided that the one-shot for this weekend would be Kirakira no kimochi. Reason being:

1.       It’s a Christmas themed one-shot. It’s Christmas this weekend. I thought I should get into the festive mood.

2.       It’s not the usual ‘let’s go on a date!’ or ‘what present should I get?’ or ‘I’ll confess to him!’ type of Christmas plot.

3.       The rest were just a bit too annoying. This was the cutest I could find. Done.

Anyway it’s a little different in the sense of what Christmas means to the main character. I mean, really, in the real world who would be crazy enough to move on the 25th (can you imagine the TRAFFIC?); but hey, that’s the manga world for you. And this is Japan. Maybe it doesn’t apply.

Sweet, cute; it’s got the general shoujo flow going on so you can pretty much expect how everything’s going to start and end. It has the typical plot development as well – but one that utilises the Christmas theme in a more unique manner.

Hopefully chungky won’t get on my case for writing a four-lined review. Oh well. Have an awesome Christmas weekend! =D

Rating: 3.6/5.0

-arawr >=3

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