One Shot for the Weekend – Love Egoist story 3: “Please Please Me”

Title: Love Egoist story 3: “Please Please Me”

Author: Bisco Hatori

Artist: Bisco Hatori

Genres: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, School Life

Summary: A girl enraptured by her popular cold-blooded, male teacher who hides under facade of a caring personality.

Found in Volume 7 of Ouran High School Host Club. Part of a collection of stories under the ‘Love Egoist’ series.


I went through my m.w’s posts so far and I think I’ve been mentioning her quite a lot! This week’s one-shot (actually I’m not even sure whether I’m able to call it a one shot since it’s part of an on-going series of individual plots, the term omake might be more appropriate) is also by Bisco Hatori.

I really admire and love Bisco Hatori’s ability to inject deeper/important values into her work. This story features the relationship between a student and teacher, but it can easily be applied to many other types of relationships involving jealousy. The teacher smokes in the story, giving a more mature touch to the story since it is uncommon to behold this sight in shoujo manga. The re-occuring characters throughout this Love Egoist series are two sisters who interact with the characters of the story freely, if you haven’t read any of the previous Love Egoist chapters you don’t need to. The sisters are like little keepers/guardians of the series telling the morale of the plot at the end of the story. It’s about adapting with change and the people around you, and to find happiness in these conditions.

Rating: 3.9/5



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5 responses to “One Shot for the Weekend – Love Egoist story 3: “Please Please Me”

  1. Zoe

    but chungky the drawings don’t look that nice!!!
    or am i too spoiled with Vampire Knights, Kachou Maid Sama and Unlimited Bladeworks??

    • lol! i think its just art preference? it has this less shoujo-ey quality which makes it unique and tat i find really refreshing! vampire knights and kaichou maid-sama seems to hav emphasis in pretty stuff, especially v.k, a lot of detailed work going on.

  2. is there a series of it? i mean love egoist’s own manga? or was it just extra stories in ouran manga?

    i would love a series^^;

    • hi! thanks for the comment 🙂 there are a total of 4 love egoist stories spreaded out in the Ouran tankoubons.

      story 1 is found in volume 2, story 2 in volume 4, story 3 in volume 7 and story 4 in volume 9. they aren’t collected in an individual tankoubon unfortunately. i think it is a possibilty, since 4 chapters usually make up 1 volume 🙂 ))

      yes this is love egoist story 3 🙂 ))

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