The M.Weekend Shopper: London ~ TokyoToys
London Trocadero Shopping Centre,
7-13 Coventry Street
Piccadilly Circus
United Kingdom
Tel: 020 3370 8916


Mon-Fri: 12pm-8pm
Sat: 11am-10pm
Sun: 12pm-10pm
Open on all bank holidays


Situated in one of London’s most famous road junctions and meeting places, Tokyo Toys is located in Piccadily Circus and sheltered within the Trocadero shopping centre. The floorspace is utilised to its fullest, with hand-held sized items obtaining most of the space. There’s a huge and fantastic variety of key-chains and many other little merchandise occupying the centre of the store. The right hand of the store is charmed with soft plushies as well as messenger bags adorned with your favourite anime/manga.

The left side of the store is stocked with a selection of wigs of popular anime/manga characters, with the top of the shelves lined with action figures of characters from the Final Fantasy series. Right at the back of the lot you can find boxes of large anime/manga posters for you to hang in your room & home. There’s also a small collection of cosplay costumes for the fans. If you are searching for some licensed english translated manga, head to the left corner at the back of the shop. You won’t be able to find a large assortment of manga, but you will be able to find popular series’ such as One Piece. Next to the manga corner is a rack of mainly black t-shirts and hoodies, imprinted with some designs with your favourite manga/anime/game franchise.

It’s a good place to make your manga/anime life fuller by spoiling yourself with the many collectables they offer. Their company is based in England and they offer online shopping as well as international shipping.


Getting there:

1-7 minute walk from all Piccadily Circus Underground Station exits. The Trocadero shopping centre is right next to the Passage of Terror attraction. I found the store by chance when I exited the Passage of Terror which was within the Trocadero shopping centre. You cannot miss the store when exiting and entering the shopping centre.


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