Happy 2011~!!

Oh-kay I’m kind of back in commision after a little *ahem* over a week in London and meeting up with quite a huge portion of my old schoolmates (Chungky included!) for Christmas and the New Year but I’m back now!

So. I’m about 5 days late (6 days, according to the right side of the world where HOME is…) but HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It better be an awesome one since according to the Mayans we’re all going to die next year in 2012. Well, technically speaking, something like 1 year and 11 months since the date is December 20 something =P

The reason I put the fireworks pic in is mainly coz I didn’t think I should start a New Year post with an apocalyptic cartoon. Even if I do find it funny. To brag a little, I DID watch the whole fireworks show close -up, even if I didn’t get a full-frontal view and the crowd I was in got the countdown wrong =D

Anyway, I was lying in bed last night thinking about the New Year (when I should be thinking about my unstudied tests) when suddenly THIS SONG popped into my head and I just thought, hey, this is an awesome song to usher in the New Year!

And while it may not be in Japanese or have anything to do with anime, there are parts where she’s dressed in a kimono so just let it all slide =D I wasn’t even thinking much about the lyrics – more like the sort of effect and feel the song gives off.

And maybe my dog days ARE over. Now that I’m in uni technically I just have to pass everything instead of getting A’s and all that jazz =P

2011 is deeeefinitely off to a good start, especially with the Beelzebub anime out now already >=D Oh, and Kimi ni Todoke’s 2nd season pilot episode features Kurumi so Chungky should have orgasmic reactions – once the holiday in Vienna or Venice or wherever is over, anyway =P

So buh-bye, 2010; it’s not like I hated you or anything but I lost too much hair over A-levels.

Happy 2011!! XD

– arawr >=3


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