The M.Weekend Shopper: Venice ~ Ponte Santi Apostoli 4452

Ponte Santi Apostoli, 4452
30121 Venezia, Italy
(The building on the left)

My short holiday in Venice mainly consisted of treasure hunting instead of sight-seeing, there were simply too much to buy. I stopped at nearly every single shop that sold from murrino pendants, murano glass objects, Venetian masques to marbled paper products. While journeying from Piazzale Roma to San Marco square through the passages and alley-ways of Venice, I stumbled into shop selling Venetian sourvenirs, post-cards and humourous t-shirts.  I tried scouting for the name of the shop but I did not have any luck. I later found out that many shops in Venice are identified by shop number as opposed to a name; I’ll just refer to the shop as 4452.

Browsing around the shop, I found many Hello Kitty products as well, a sight that seem to be re-occurring when I was in Venice, perhaps our Italian friends are quite fond of the Sanrio character. The most surprising find of all, was a selection of manga collected on one shelf. The variety of series  on offer is quite a mixed bag, it’s a rather odd selection of volumes with a huge number of series. Most of the collection is also published by big Italian manga publishers such as Star Comics.

So whenver you need a short manga infused break, while lingering in the historical canal city, you know where to head. But you best know your Italian, or you can opt to just flip through the tankōbon like I did.

An irrelevant photo. Just a picture of a few trinkets I got in Venice.

Getting there:

You’ll most probably begin your trip in Venice by starting in the Piazzale Roma bus/car terminal or the Santa Lucia Rail station. If you opt to walk to the area, it might take you 30 minutes from Piazzale Roma if you are not distracted. If you are distracted like I was, you’ll probably arrive in 30-90 minutes. The duration of the journey is more or less the same from San Marco square.

You can take the ACTV public waterbus Line 1 towards “Rialto/S.Marco”,
and get off at the Ca’ d’Oro boat stop.(This is the least tiring form of getting there).  Turn right at the end of Calle Ca’ d’Oro into Strada Nova and go straight on for roughly about 125m.  A one-way waterbus tickets cost €6.50. Taking Line 2 will take you directly to Rialto or San Marco without stopping at any other stops and you’ll have to walk from there. The location of this stop is near the Locanda ai Santi Apostoli hotel.

You also have the option to take a water taxi to the destination which might cost you €50-60. Just ask them to take you to Ponte Santi Apostoli.

*Piazzale Roma, Rialto & San Marco are the three main stops. You can easily tell whether you’re in Rialto by recognising the famous Rialto Bridge.


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