Manga-Talk: Starry☆Sky ~After Season~ Manga

I was wondering whether I should slot this post into a new Mushroom Manga post or maybe a review post, but well – this was originally meant to be on our weekly one-shot feature.

I was quite optimistic that arawr(she’s disappeared somewhere I don’t know what happen to her) & I wouldn’t have to give much thought about this week’s one-shot as I was planning to go ahead with choosing one out of Starry Sky ~After Season~’s anthology. I left the whole thing until last night and well, after actually reading the Starry Sky ~After Season~ one-shots, let’s just say it won’t be on our weekly one-shot feature. Instead, I’ll share some short views via this edition of posts instead!

The manga is a sequel by continuing the relationship between Tsukiko & ‘One of the 12 guys’ after they’ve got together. Each one-shot is dedicated to one pairing – which in theory, is a pretty neat idea.

However, I think it’ll be appropriate for me to say that the first few one-shots have disappointed me a little bit. I’ve watched few episodes of the anime & I’ve played the game and I thought they were generally, quite top notch stuff. It feels almost like a gimmick to make more money out of the blossoming(serious blossoming, BLOOMING) Starry Sky series.

It’s trying hard to make the reader go ‘so sweet,’ but it’s not achieving that. It feels rushed and stagnant; maybe it could be the fact that there are limited pages, I don’t know. [The first one-shot is only 12 pages(?)]


To summarise, it’s like weak tea with little milk and sugar. Having said this, I’ll probably continue to look out for the manga since I adore the original story so much.

P.S If you’re wondering why there are two drawing styles in different one-shots it’s because the story is illustrated by two different artists – Kirikuchi Karashi & Chidori Peko.


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8 responses to “Manga-Talk: Starry☆Sky ~After Season~ Manga

  1. Ah, this reminds me of the Hakuouki Jurenka manga. Similar to this Starry Sky manga, there are arcs in this that correspond to a certain pairing between Chizuru (the main heroine) x one of the many hawt guys she’s with (also, each arc was drawn by a different manga-ka). However, rather than taking place after the main story, the arcs take place during random intervals of the main story.
    [As someone who didn’t watch the anime before reading this, I was completely lost]
    However, the manga…just didn’t feel right :/ Like Starry Sky, it felt rushed and just…not doing it for me. Some of the arcs had suck-ass endings too (like, what girl wants THAT kind of ending!? D:). I’ve got the second volume (because I’ve been summarizing it on my site) so I’m hoping it picks up ^^; The same with you – I hope this manga picks up for you with later chapters!

    Ahem, rant aside, I’m interested in checking out Starry Sky the anime but I keep saying that about a lot of series xD (I’m so lazy with anime that’s only available online. Think it’s because I don’t like watching stuff on my computer ^^; haha).

    Thanks for the review!

  2. I played the game & watched some episodes of the anime but i was STILL lost when i read ~after season~

    i just looked up Hakuouki Jurenka and i’m loving what I see! have u tried the game? i’m not sure where to start on my hakuouki jurenka journey(quite looking forward to it), if you could point me to the right direction that’ll be great!
    Did you just say the manga runs at random points of the story, because that just sounds painful & confusing.!

    Each episode of the Starry Sky anime is only about like, 12 minutes or something, it doesn’t cover much of the story like the game does.
    I dont really watch that much anime, more of a manga person really xD

  3. The art is definitely nice on the eyes ;D I won’t lie. But the flow sucks.

    The main series is Hakuouki – I believe someone is scanalating that manga (I saw chapter 1 a while back). Jurenka is like…a random set of short stories focusing on each guy. I’m not sure if this was done for advertisement or what but it just didn’t go well :< (I was so confused – esp with how each arc ended. I found some game guides online and they had the endings for each boy posted. MUCH better in the game! So cute! Though the series is quite bloody ^^;)
    While I haven't played the game, I'd recommend that one to start with. The anime and game differ as the anime series goes on (as for the manga – Hakuouki – it's pretty much just the anime in paper form ~) . The anime follows XXXX's route, which is very depressing and filled with death (everyone is up for the chopping block, even the hawt bishies :<). From what I heard the anime ending left many unsatisfied (I haven't personally seen it. It's just from what others have told me).
    At least in the game, if you pick a certain bishi, that bishi will live in the end; and you get to have more story on them :O


    😀 Hope that helped!

    Exactly – I am definitely more of a manga girl ;D
    (maybe because it's easier on my eyes? And I get to drool at the pictures? xDDD)

    • LOL! ‘the flow sucks.’ Love the sudden change in tone haha!

      Goodness, it sounds rather depressing now! the characters sound as if they’re wasted since they’re killed off! i might not be able to be content picking one out of many good fruits. in fact, my first ending in starry sky was tat i ended up with nobody! LOL. I’ll definitely go check out the hakuouki game endings & those intimate moments! love to see how the romance turned out paha!

      Most of the time, I stay away from an anime or live-drama – if I started from the manga. It’s like books & movies, its always hard not to be disappointed 😐

  4. just fyi i’m still alive n kickin n tryin to study okehhh… im not completely AWOL =_=”

  5. bikachama

    OMG >_< I like the art xD

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