One-Shot for the Weekend – Happy (Anthology): Love Charge

Title: Happy (Anthology) – Love Charge

Author: Ueda Miwa

Artist: Ueda Miwa

Genres: Drama, Romance, Shoujo

Summary: Mao is a normal girl with a problem: she often wakes up early for school and because of that she gets pretty tired. So, In mornings she´s cold towards Minato, her boyfriend. She thinks its not really important, but…?!

Collected in the Happy (Anthology) of one-shots by a variety of manga-kas.


Sorry for the late one-shot! Better late than never right? This weekend’s one-shot is by Ueda Miwa, more known as the author of Papillion – Hana to Chou.

This one-shot focuses on the common obstacles of a romance and how to grow & learn from them. It’s by no means a complicated piece of work and there’s really nothing much out of the ordinary, which isn’t a bad thing in this case. It’s Ueda Miwa’s strength I’d say, to make things believable and stir a bit of drama here and there. Simplicity is sometimes key for a nice solid story.

I’m not sure about everyone else, but I think Ueda Miwa’s drawing style really retains that retro shoujo vibe, it’s kind of nostalgic. One thing you can make sure of, there’s a happy ending! It’s a nice one-shot to read while waiting for Valentine’s day.

Rating: 3.9/5.0



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4 responses to “One-Shot for the Weekend – Happy (Anthology): Love Charge

  1. lol, looks like a cliche-shojo .. XD am i right ? 😛

    • hahaha, it does give that sort of aura.! i don’t think it’ll stand out that much compared to quite a few, it’s quite a simple story, but overall, it was generally a good read

  2. This is the same manga-ka that did Peach Girl right? I vividly remember Peach Girl pissing me off (I wanted to slap so many people over the head ^^;). Do these one shots have that same feel as Peach or is it different? (because if it won’t get me worked up, I’ll definitely give it a try one of these days :3)

    • yes, it’s the same mangaka lol! don’t worry, there no annoying drama involved. i understand completely because Papillion – hana to chou made me wanna smack my head on the pavement. LOL. Love charge just features a lovers spat which i found adorable. a good one shot to kill a bit of time.

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