I’m so stressed right now it’s not even funny. I don’t why I’m using M.Weekend as a rant square, but yar. It’s just an excuse to put up this picture, some tamago nigiri is always good for the soul when you’re down in the dumps. Been working on this essay for 10 hours and well, I got 4 hours something left before the deadline. Once I obtain some air from my academic life, I’ll post a few pics of Betsuma/Bessatsu Margaret 12/2010 & Asuka 02/2011, not sure whether I’ll post Asuka, I might leave it behind in London. Well, I better continue my essay. Oh yar, what’s really bothering me is that I lost my rail-card & my university ID. I hope they turn up miraculously.

P.S I just got hold of the Starry Sky Anime song ending!!! It’s lovely.



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5 responses to “Ugh.

  1. ugh . I can totally understand u .-_- everything is soo stressing right now ..
    & yummy 😀 I love this stuff . xD

  2. Woow 10 minutes .. O_O really close .. but yeah, at least not too late xD

  3. D: ugh I hate essays! I hope you finished in time!

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