Angel Beats! 2nd Season(?)

Contrary to claims from Chungky, I am still present on the face of this earth. I have just been trying my best to study. Which is not very fruitful when said person is on Skype.

Besides Chungky’s mocking distractions I’ve also been slightly obsessed with Detective Conan lately while listening to anime OP and ED songs. I randomly decided to listen to Ichiban no Takaramono by Yui from Angel Beats! on YouTube when I saw this comment saying “I heard Angel Beats! is gonna have a 2nd season?”

Immediately I jumped to researching.

I mean, after reading 3 chapters of my textbook. Of course.

Anyway, this rumour’s been circulating for quite some time. From what I’ve gathered, it’s supposed to air Spring 2011. It’s a whole new cast however – you know, with how Season 1 ended and all. Even the seiyuu list for the new cast was mentioned in some article I found here. It’s in Japanese so I have no idea what it’s saying. There’s all these kanji though so if Chungky had been a good Chinese we would all know what it says. I don’t even know if Chungky knows pinyin.

I didn’t really know whether I should get my hopes up for a second season – maybe I was a little scared it’ll all turn out be a huge fat lie. Mainly coz before Angel Beats! aired it went through some major advertising like internet radio shows and stuff. Not seeing much of that right now, added to the fact that I haven’t seen or heard anything from the Angel Beats! anime since the OVA.

But then.

And then.


Out of nowhere.

Okay maybe not nowhere.

I saw it.

Okay, technically speaking I watched it.

Anyway, it’s around 2 ½ minutes, and it says epilogue (which would usually mean THE END DONE IT’S FINISHED GO AWAY)and all that, but really. It’s introduced a new character in those 2 ½ minutes, so now I’m gaining confidence in that rumoured 2nd season =D

I’ve heard some fans being a bit disappointed over the 2nd season having a new cast, but (not-so) secretly I’m pleased. It shows that the characters from the 1st season have really moved on, and after all the crap they all had to go through in their past lives I’m happy for them. Still, I wished there were more episodes on just SSS exploits. The first season of Angel Beats! should have had more episodes really – I felt that it was all too condensed and quick. I don’t really know how to explain things – it’s like there isn’t much of a break between all the major events that happened.

Then again with the gigantic franchise it’s producing, I heard from somewhere (don’t quote me on this) that they planned on spreading out the stories of the other characters through their other branches, i.e. manga, drama CDs, etc. They’ve done that with Hinata’s story anyway – one of the mangas (Angel Beats! – Heaven’s Door) has him as the protagonist instead, and it’s all about how the SSS started. I don’t get the same chills from the manga as I do from the anime, but it’s still good (lol two sentenced manga review).

Anyway I’ve rambled on for long enough, should really get back to studying. I’m pretty sure I didn’t fail my paper this morning, hopefully this streak will continue! =D

– arawr >=3



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4 responses to “Angel Beats! 2nd Season(?)

  1. I’ve heard awesome things about Angel Beat but I haven’t gotten around to watching it.
    (heck, I still haven’t watched Kanon even though it’s been on my shelf since fall semester ^^; darn school).
    One day…haha

  2. this post feels more like a personal attack to moi. i beg to differ! angel beats fanart has always been circulating like mad! even i havent got around the anime yet! paha!

  3. its really good!! i never really watched any other Key works like Kanon or Air or Clannad, but my bro’s kinda a major fan of Key so I ended up watching Angel Beats with him. I dunno why but it just really sucks you in =P The more you watch it the more you start liking it really XD
    And if ur the weepy type u might be crying at the end of most of the episodes lol.
    and its not a personal attack. its more like. let me study. lol

  4. me and my friend Avory really loved the anime she is the reason why i decided to watch angel beats the show will make you cry and for a season 2 i was hoping it be like all the characters from season 1 meeting each other and becoming friends and end up following there dreams at the moment still doing research on it i loved the show so much

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