Bessatsu Margaret/Betsuma 12/2010

It’s kind of late to post a december issue, but oh well! Yumemiru Taiyou takes the december issue spotlight! This issue’s freebie is a little zip bag decorated with Yumemiru Taiyou pandas! I have no idea what I’m going to do with it though.

Look at the cute panda print:

Yumemiru Taiyou notes:

Yumemiru Taiyou serialisation cover:

Yumemiru Taiyou visits the beach! (Sorry if this spoiled the story):

Lots of advertising and coverage of the upcoming High School Debut live-film:

Say hello to the two main characters:

More stuff:

Some photos of popular series in Betsuma, here’s Aozora Yell, same mangaka as High School Debut:

Everyone’s beloved Kimi Ni Todoke:

Here’s two other serialisations that I’m getting into, this is Yajirobee by Yamakawa Aiji:

360° Material by Minami Touko:

A photo of a pages from 360° Material:

I just been on the Betsuma website and I found out that they have lots of desktop backgrounds, y’all should check it out! You can select which year you want to browse in :)))

Strobe Edge fans – here’s one:

A little more High School Debut for you:

Kimi Ni Todoke hardcore:

Betsuma really has a lot of winner serialisations in their magazine!!! Well, til next time!



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9 responses to “Bessatsu Margaret/Betsuma 12/2010

  1. tell me please how did you get the magazine? i want to subscribe but dont know how =(

    • i hav a few recommendations but it also depends on where u stay.
      if u want to get ur magazines without paying for a few month’s subcription try,, yesasia and akadot. has a nasty initial fee so its only worth it if u buy 3+ books or magazines. may be a good choice.
      if ur buying an individual magazine u can try too but im not sure if it stocks betsuma but i know they stock comic sylph and asuka and various others.

      if ur looking for subcriptions try CDjapan & fujisan.

      if u live in europe, i recommend a few more since i stay in the u.k so i’ve tried out services that cater the continent. try: JP Books UK & Japan Centre. they’re both based in the u.k but i understand tat they ship elsewhere in europe. u can get individual magazines or subscriptions.

      All the sites i listed can be found in our food & shopping links.

  2. Keito

    Um… I have a question! In, is it okay to buy something there even if I’m not from Japan? Also, I don’t know how to read Japanese. I’m planning to buy Betsuma there. I want to read Ao Haru Ride and 360° Material 😀

    • heyyy! yes, can ship internationally! its a good site in which it has both variety and they’re all in english! if you cant find sumthing, i recommend you look up the japanese name and copy and paste it into the search box. you’ll definitely find it.
      just be note: when i tried getting magazines off, the check out price including the shipping fee might be incorrect, they will send you the correct amount u need to pay through email and then you hav a choice on whether u want to go through with the process. the shipping fee might be a little pricey since manga magazines are heavy.
      hope everything will be okay!

  3. Keito

    Thank you very very much! You are such a big help! XDD

    I still have a problem. This is my first time buying online. I don’t know how will I pay. I don’t have credit card nor my parents. Credit card is not allowed in our family LOL 😀 We only have a bank account.

    • oh dear >_< super late reply.
      erm, i havent tried any other payment method besides credit/debit card D: so i dnt really know but i think they accept bank transfers. i know tat option is available for not sure about the rest :O

      • Keito

        no, it’s okay 😀 Actually, I won’t be able to buy a manga for now, because I’m trying to save money for other things. Something more important. Anyway, thank you very much for answering my complicated questions and sorry for the trouble.

  4. @Keito
    ah alright 🙂 glad i could help, maybe the info will be useful for future references xD
    thanks for visiting our blog & have a great day 😀

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