Final Fantasy VIII-2 Announced & other Fabula Nova Crystallis news~

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been formally announced for PlayStation 3 & Xboxx 360 during Square-Enix’s 1st Production Department Premiere.The sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, will be released this winter. It will have a new battle system according to Square-Enix.

Who’s excited? I’m quite surprised by the news, after a few grueling years producing the first part of Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation, part 2 pops up in a little more than a year! Each Final Fantasy has often made me think quite a lot, Final Fantasy XIII might be rather linear, but it still gave me this very epic/haunting sort of feeling. Here’s the trailer:

Final Fantasy XIII-2 pictures & news via PlayStation EU.

If you’re excited about Final Fantasy Agito XIII, it has been renamed Final Fantasy Type-O, but it’s still part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation. Apparently, it might spin into a whole new series of it’s own. I’m waiting quite eagerly for this one, it’s going to be released this summer in Japan. I think I would probably get a PSP just for the sake of this game.

Final Fantasy Type-O & Final Fantasy Versus XIII HD trailers are out the 27th January. Final Fantasy XIII-2 HD is out officially on the 20th.



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16 responses to “Final Fantasy VIII-2 Announced & other Fabula Nova Crystallis news~

  1. I just heard about this on Twitter 😀
    I haven’t played my copy of FFXIII yet but I’m happy there’s more 😀
    (I just recently got a PS3 for Christmas (yay!) but I’m playing another game right now – Last Rebellion (just because I like how the main guy looks ;D))

    From that screen shot, it seems Lightning is planning on showing a little bit more leg in part II xD

    • i got the news from twitter too! FFXIII got bombed really badly by a lot of fans, the story is ok for me. i just looked up last rebellion. So, do you have long-hair guy fetish? hahaha

      Lol, i suppose lightning is utilising her sex appeal? its probably to attract that new dude who’s introduced in the sequel

      • Gotta love Twitter. You can get some great stuff on there 😀
        I’ve seen the…not so happy remarks about FFXIII too ^^; But it’s like any item out there, some love it while others hate it.

        What can I say? He’s some nice eye candy (though I don’t like long hair on guys in RL. It’s not the same. However, shoulder length is VERY acceptable ;D).
        It was between Last Rebellion and FFXIII. I went with the game that had a cute guy in it (no offense Snow, but after seeing you’re Lightning’s little sister’s BF, I can’t help but look at you as a pedobear. Sachz, I don’t like guys with things living in their hair, no matter how cute the things may be. And Hope…I don’t want to go to jail.)

        I wonder if the dude is a love interest for Lightning? I know FF games like having a bit of romance in them (well, from the few I’ve played – VII, IX, and X) ~

  2. Ugh .. I’m sooo looking forward to xiii-2 even if the gameplay was trash sometimes 😛

    • the sequel just popped out of nowhere. I’m so unprepared, it feels like yesterday that FF XIII just came out. I’m looking forward to FF Versus XIII and Type-O(agito), you have to go check out the new FF Versus XIII trailer, shows the gameplay & battle system – fantastic!!!

      • The gameplay of versus ? Wha >__>
        And why is it type-O now o_o sound really strange .. i’ll still call it agito .. but I heard it will be open world, right ?
        I agree.. it just came out of nowhere .. at first square enix said a sequel would be impossible :O ..

  3. yes! open world!

    Lol, i think with that many main characters in Agito (12 characters I think?), square enix might want to create more spin-offs for more adventures for the characters i guess?

  4. sylphalchemist: i dnt get how this wordpress commenting thing. How can one only press the reply button twice and tats it???
    Long hair…reminds me of this cool old guy i saw a few days ago. he was like old, but he had like long shiny white hair like gandalf or sumthing. it was pretty cool. but i dnt think you dig like older aging men do you? Lol.

    HAHAHA. i know!!! snow is a real big foot LOL. sachz has a child i dnt think he’s available hahaha. hope on the otherhand…it’ll be quite interesting to see how he has grown up in FFXIII-2. you can hav him then!

    I’M BETTING THE DUDES A LOVE INTEREST FOR LIGHTNING. the whole FF fanart community is gonna freak since they paired lightning with Hope. squall & rinoa was really nice. FFVII was just. well. SADDENING to say the least. ZACK FAIR. WHY U DIE.

    • WordPress is weird with its comments. Here’s the really f-ed up way to reply. After about 4 posts, you’ll get to a point where you won’t get a “reply” button anymore. To reply to that comment with the no “reply” button, you hit the reply button on the comment before. Type in your comment and hit post. This will automatically add your new comment below the comment with the no “reply” button. Like I said, it’s weird. Took me a while to figure out ^^;

      Nah, I’m not into old [crusty, everything is dragging, needs a diaper due to loss of bodily functions] men. That’s just…so creepy xD Praying on grandpas haha, such a horrible picture in my mind.
      Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your grandpa!

      😀 True! I wonder if he’ll be cute ~ ?

      Indeed, FFVII was sad. Especially since the ONE character I liked the best had to bite it >___> that’s just…cruel. Though I was giddy as a school boy when I played Kingdom Hearts and I got to see some Cloud x Aerith moments (yeah, I ship those two OTL I’m told Zack x Aerith had better chemistry but I totally don’t remember Zack at all. I kind of zoned him from my memory. I just remember Cloud being emo a lot, me liking Aerith x Cloud, and….beating up a shirtless Sephiroth (oh, and his mommy issues)).
      Even though I didn’t like her much (if I was ever forced to have her in my party, I killed her off instantly xD), I guess Zidane and Garnet were a cute couple (though is it bad I preferred him and Eiko?) – FFXI

      • omgosh the hide yo dude. xD
        basically all the protagonists are blessed with beautiful genes! they’re either cute or beautiful & they all hav smooth skin >:|

        zomgosh we’re officially enemies i ship zack x aerith! cloud can hav tifa, they can be emo together. i was just re-watching crisis-core moments on youtube last night! zack’s last few words can drive anyone into tears T_T
        i never paid much attention to FFXI D:!

      • I’ve never played CC so I don’t know much of Zack’s back-story ^^;
        How about this: FFVII can have Zack x Aerith while KH can have Cloud x Aerith (since it’s an alternative world where Disney characters run rampant :3). Both our ships can be satisfied and no wars will be started ~

        Fail, I meant to put FFIX xD (I’ve never played the online version XI)

  5. Lolz . hope & lightning ? Disgusting T_T I mean, Hope is about 14 years old xD xD

  6. lool . but still .. disgusting xD … which new guy ? the guy from XIII-2 ?
    I can’t identify anything .. except the long hair .. I hope he’s cute XD

    • HAHAHA. i think we can all bet 100.1% that he’s going to be very attractive. it always ends up that way xD. same only see the long hair and a sort of jumpsuit he’s wearing. i hope his costume looks cool.

  7. sylphalchemist: zack was a true hero in CC!
    *puts down weapons* hmmmmmm… i suppose we could reach a comprimise. i accept your offer! hahaha

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