The M.Weekend Shopper: Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 2

Here in Manga Weekend, we understand that choosing gifts can be difficult; heck, just admit it’s hard okay? I’m sure you’ve been on Google or Yahoo or [insert search engine here], searching for gift ideas but yet, heck again! Why are they so VAGUE? Anime posters, action figures, buy him his favourite anime set? Pft. That’s why, we, are here to help you! We aim to give you a selection of specific products and maybe they can give you ideas too! And well, if you didn’t find anything special – we’ve got nothing to say to you.

Now, welcome back to Part 2 of the M.Weekend Shopper’s edition of Valentine’s Day gifts! Valentine’s Day hasn’t even cross your mind yet? Well, M.W are once again here to remind you! Best to plan early for your beloved sweethearts. If you didn’t get any ideas from Part 1, well here we go again! I’m quite excited about this batch!

For Him:


Product ID: BIT5109JA88095600L


M.W: We may be freezing now if you’re stuck in winter, but get your hubby ready for spring. Fashion forwards we say. Let him look stylish with a manga/anime inspired edge when the coats & sweaters come off.  White is the universal flattering colour. Only comes in L size online I’m afraid.

Retails at EUROS € 39.00. Browse around the site for more designs.


Soul Eater: Shinigami-Sama Skull Mug

M.W: Get this one mug for your man. We’ve seen it all in shoujo manga, get something simple, get something small and practical. Bloomin’ hell, get something he’ll use everyday and you’ll increase chances of him thinking about you.

Retails at USD 19.99 on, many other sites carry this item too.




For Her:

Totoro Wooden Music Box

Fans of Studio Ghibli’s “My Neighbor Totoro” will definitely want to check out this amazing Totoro music box. This special music box has two compartments where you can store small notes or special trinkets inside if you wish. The top of the music box can be opened when you lift the latch (which keeps it securely closed) to reveal a pop up Totoro that will turn in circles as the music box plays its tune. The inside of the box features a soft velvet like lining and the outside of the box is covered with a wallpaper like decoration of Totoro surrounded by various elements of the movie from flowers, mushrooms, bugs, and soot sprites. Simply wind it up, and the Totoro will dances around. A perfect music box for fans of Totoro and the much-beloved song, this is truly a wonderful item.

Approved by Ghibli and made by Sun Arrow. Measures 10x10x8 cm (4 x 4 x 3.5 inches).


M.W: Does your baby complain that she has no where to put her jewelry? No place to store her accessories? Not a drawer in place to keep those beautiful trinkets you sent? Boo-hoo. Lick her tears off her eyes, no – get her this useful music box to store all of those worries! It even has music, what more can they possibly want?

Retails at USD $38.00 on There is a fantastic variety of other Studio Ghibli products on this site, shipped from Japan.




Product ID: E08TKEMELAU680TU


M.W: Perhaps you just want to get your babe something simple, here’s the ultimate solution! A single earring! Now how cool is that? It’s a hybrid of street-style & cute-ness. A lovely accessory to spark up any simple outfit/look.

Retails for EUROS € 29.00.



Now do you need something for the both of you? Let’s say you need some gifts designed for couples, but wait – you don’t want those cheesy matching t-shirts.

Here are some solutions:

Skelanimals: Deluxe Series 1 Plush – ChungKee the Panda

Item description:

‘Skelanimals: Deluxe Series 1 Plush – ChungKee the Panda. Size 8
UPC: 816355003814
Rated: For Ages 14+
Manufacturer: Toynami

Skelanimals: Skelanimals are looking for a home with that special someone to care for and love them, but not just anyone. They like people that have a warm heart, after all, they’re just bones. They need you to keep them warm and cozy. Snuggling is their favorite thing to do, especially when you watch a scary movie. Each skelanimal has it’s own favorite scary movie. They try to pretend they’re not afraid, but when you get scared, they do too.


M.W: When I spotted this, I went Oh-My-Goodness. This is the perfect plushie for you & your partner to snuggle with. It has a lovely heart motive, perfect for Valentine’s day with a Halloween twist! Check out the brand description!!!  I might even get this particular Skelanimal for myself, Chungkee the panda! I filed under he or she since the brand has unisex merchandise, maybe a guy won’t snuggle with a plushie but it’s good deco since it’s black etc. Macho-ness not harmed.


FINAL FANTASY XIII – Engagement Pendant

An intricate 925 Silver replica of the engagement pendant worn by both Serah and Snow from Final Fantasy XIII.

Material:925 Silver, Cubic Zerconia
Size:Pendant: W0.8×H3 in.
Chain Length:19.6 in.

Design:For ages 14 and up


M.W: Remember Snow & Serah wearing it? This might just make the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift of all, it’s intricate, romantic, and symbolises devotion. On top of that, it can be worn by both partners just like in FF XIII. Looking for a engagement ring? Screw that. Get this instead. I know I would be willing to accept this in all circumstances of my life, from whoever, really. Well, you’d probably have to love your honey a lot to get this for them.

Retails at Pounds/Stirling £ 169.99 at, enter your country/region’s SQ website for more currency convenience.


tokidoki x mimobot

As legend has it, Adios was condemned to live forever on earth, in his modern grave-loft with his girlfriend Ciao Ciao.

Together, Adios and Ciao Ciao wander the world, sharing with others how to make the most out of this life…A perfect love story for fashion-tech lovers everywhere…and just in time for Valentine’s!

Adios by tokidoki

Though a good guy at heart, Adios still has a bit of a bad-boy attitude. Just ask his girlfriend, Ciao Ciao. Show the world you’re on the side of good with this, the Adios MIMOBOT designer USB flash drive by tokidoki® and Mimoco!

-all info via



Ciao Ciao by tokidoki

As the girlfriend of the good-natured Adios, Ciao Ciao sticks by her man’s side. Show the world you’re on the side of good with this, the Ciao Ciao MIMOBOT

designer USB flash drive by tokidoki® and Mimoco!

-all info via

M.W: These were a real good find when I was writing up this post for you lot. Is it not the most sweet-est thing ever? Your man won’t complain with such a hip USB flash drive that, on top of it, it’s truly functional! The design & lovey-dovey tokidoki boy-friend + girl-friend design is a true Valentine’s Day bonus!

Retails at USD $34.95 on Browse the website for more designs by tokiboki and a range of other artists & brands.


Syaoran & Sakura. Our V-Day mascots!

WELL. That’s all for Part 2.

For a guy or a gal, it’s up to you! We just list the suggestions by gender for general purposes only.  I hope this guide has helped you in some way! If it hasn’t, well, erm. *silence*

Look forward to Part 3, even though I don’t even know what we’ll be featuring next! Watch this space!

P.S spent quite a long time on this post. Finding the right gifts are hard, but it’s worth it!

Missed out on Part 1? Click here.



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10 responses to “The M.Weekend Shopper: Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 2

  1. OMG, there were so many adorable items in this post. Makes me wish I could buy them all! Those little skeleton animal plushie things are so cute XD

    Oh, Studio Gibli, why is your stuff so expensive? And so flippin cute!?

    If I ever saw a couple wearing those engagement pendents I’d fangirl, just because of how sweet the meaning is :3

    Thanks for Part II. Looking forward to Part III’s x3

    • glad you like the selection ! searching for something appropriate for guys was frustrating! LOL!
      i almost screamed out loud i found out the skelanimal had the same nick as me hahaha.
      i seriously would love to wear those FFXIII pendants myself. how can anyone resist, really? i’d probably faint.
      i hope i’ll be able to whip out more interesting things for part 3

  2. oh my gosh >_< serah's necklace ? you can buy that ?
    I hate serah.. but this thing is sooo beautiful _> I wanna buy all of that stuff . just for myself xD

  3. bikachama: hahahahaha no wonder. i was like…wait a second, what did serah do…
    yes everything featured in this post can be shipped to europe. i know the mimobot stuff can be found in some brick-and-mortar stores in europe too.

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