Final Fantasy Type-O & Final Fantasy Versus XIII HD Trailers~

Final Fantasy Type-O & Final Fantasy Versus XIII HD trailers are finally released. They both look amazing and I’m so excited! Apparently, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is not going to see a 2011 release since Tetsuya Nomura is hoping to make it “incredible.” I’m sure that the wait will be worth it from what I see in the trailer. There have been leaks from Dengeki & Famitsu magazine which has more detailed information regarding the game-play and you can check out the translations here if you wish.

Remember to set it to 720p & above for HD.

Oh yar. That lady dropping from the sky with extravagant armour is not Stella.


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6 responses to “Final Fantasy Type-O & Final Fantasy Versus XIII HD Trailers~

  1. bikachama

    wow . so awesome . I can’t wait >_<

  2. Final Fantasy Type-O
    Totally makes me think of Harry Potter except there are Gundams walking around xDDD

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    I SO want to play this one 😀 (Plus the main guy is a cutie ~ )
    The battle system reminds me of KH! I just hope I don’t end up with another “Goofy” on my team – my Goofy was a retard. He would just slam into walls and do disturbing things in the background >__> it was wrong. I was always grateful when I got to another world where a 4th character could join my party because that meant I got to kick Goofy out.
    Why Goofy? Can’t you do that in private?

    • LOL. goofy just runs around with a shield doesnt he? prancing here & there. i suppose his name says it all. I only played the first KH though. I lost track with how many KHs there are.
      the latest trailers of Versus XIII has got me really excited about the gameplay, i was previously just dreaming about how Noctis & Stella get together. how sweet xD!

  3. emysan83

    Woo Woo~ How exciting! I don’t mind waiting for a while since Tetsuya Nomura wants to make it “incredible,” as if everything else he’s done isn’t (haha.) Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello! I absolutely agree, it’s really assuring to know that they’re aiming to make the game fantastic than just another FF gimmick to earn some dosh lol. character designing to director, he’s doing amazing xD there’s a huge following of FF XIII versus even before the game is released, i see noctis’ fanart everywhere.

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