As Chinese New Year approaches~

Chinese New Year: 03 February 2011

Chinese New Year is approaching, if you’re completely unaware, off-guard or maybe you are completely [insertsomethinghere]. In any case, we’re here to share with you some traditions/customs that is often practised to welcome the Year of the Rabbit. Yes, it’s the year of the Rabbit. 

Now you have approximately a day & half left(most of you) to prepare and one of the important tasks to do is to clean your room/house/dwelling. Not just any cleaning, thorough cleaning. Cleaning is believed to sweep away all the bad luck from last year and to get your home prepped & ready for good luck. Stuff all your cleaning objects away once you’re done so that good luck cannot escape/swept away.

Preparation for Chinese New Year also includes getting new things from clothes to shoes to well, everything. That also involves grooming, so cut your toe-nails and cut your hair before Chinese New Year for a fresh, new start!

Oh yes, make sure you don’t clean or cut your hair or do something bizarre during Chinese New Year. To get into the spirit, wear Red. Red is the lucky colour in Chinese culture and it’ll frighten away nasty stuff during Chinese New Year. You can wear Gold too, that symbolises wealth of course. Money, Money, Monehhh.

Of course, there are many other customs but these are a few things you could try out even if you’re not Chinese & you don’t celebrate it. Have a dinner with your family during Chinese New Year Eve and have fish! You can also prepare dumplings to have it around midnight of Chinese New Years Eve since they represent wealth(they’re shaped like Chinese taels).

Prepare yourselves!

P.S: Should have release this post a lot earlier Lulz.



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6 responses to “As Chinese New Year approaches~

  1. cool. chinese new year . >_> you know a lot about it .. 😀
    I’m gonna do some things of these tradidtions *gonna clean my room .. *

  2. Cleaning sounds like a good thing to do today ~
    The weather is starting to warm up so I have no excuse not too :3

    I love that Black Butler picture x3 Ciel is so embarrassed, having that big boobed lady wrapping herself around him like a wet towel haha

    • haha. part of the custom is that you dont clean during CNY or u’ll clean away the good luck with the bad luck !
      it’s a pretty pic! i just realised the xxxholic & the black butler are both blue.

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