M.W Shopper: Giri-Giri Stuff~ Part 1

Our first M.Weekend Shopper – Giri-Giri edition! Why giri-giri? Giri-giri is an expression for English equivalents such as “just made it” & “close call.” We aim to slot various limited edition merchandise that we think are interesting in this shopping post.

Just a note: Most of the merchandise that we update you on are usually anime/manga inspired.

Hope you’ll find this helpful!

For Him:

Naruto x UT (UniQlo Printed T-Shirts)

M.W: I’ve only seen a release in the U.K & Japan, so it might be exclusive. Oh, it only has a men’s line. I checked out UniQlo in Regent Street London, the store nearer to Piccadilly Circus but the collection was not present. I’m not sure whether it’s in stores yet or whether a particular UniQlo stocks it, but it’s available online. It’s a very nice collection & UniQlo’s clothes are really comfy.

*UPDATE: I found the collection available in Hong Kong. By the way! MangaUK is currently having a lucky draw on Twitter. Participants must replace their Twitter profile picture with the MangaUK profile picture. You should then tweet them so that you can participate. It ends at GST 17:00PM 03/02/2011 – which is today. 10 lucky winners will get a Naruto T-shirt!

A taste of Naruto x UT

Pretty Cool.



They all retail at GBP £12.99

-Via UniQlo.com/uk

For Her:

Shu Uemura x Aya Takano

M.W: This make-up collection has been on launched at the end of last year as Shu Uemura’s Holiday 2010 collection but I’m bringing it up here as a reminder that the collection is still sold online. I’m not sure whether Shu Uemura brick & mortar stores still carry these items and some bits of the collection may be sold out online I’m afraid. Treat this as a little “close-call,” if you’re not aware, but still interested. I’ll be much prepared to update on these limited edition goods in the future since we now have a specific post to address these wonderful things.

Here’s the promo info:

abracadabra fantasy
cast a spell of wonder and joy this Christmas, with a bewitching collection decorated by magical symbols that will transform your beauty experience.
abracadabra, abracadabra…
Aya Takano enchants and delights with her fantasy world. let te mysticism of her magic spells and symbols take you to another world. get in touch with your magical side and become a mesmerizing “new you”.
makeup is the ultimate way to wear your wishes.

limited edition – high performance balancing cleansing oil advanced formula 150 ml – 5.07 fl. oz
Retails at $30
miracle cherry blush tint
Retails at USD $24.00.
peace & harmony mini brush set
Retails at USD $69.00.

sparkly purple paint crayon
Retails at USD $24.00
bowwow! magic queen palette
reindeer kiss xxxx palette
From Left to Right Above: bowwow! magic queen palette – reindeer kiss xxxx palette
Retails at $ USD 69.00. 

From Left to Right Above: Passion Red lip duo tint & gloss – harmony pink lip duo tint & gloss harmony pink  – love apricot lip duo tint & gloss love apricot
Retails at USD $35.00.
dream coaster premium false eyelashes
Retails at USD $59.00.
magical windfalls partial false eyelashes
Retails at USD $30.00.


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5 responses to “M.W Shopper: Giri-Giri Stuff~ Part 1

  1. bikachama

    gawsh . this stuff is cute x3
    *wanna buy it*

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  3. How cute x3
    A little weird the girls are kissing animals but I won’t look into that too deeply haha

    I’d totally nerd out if there were D.Gray-Man T-shirts ❤

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