One-Shot for the Weekend – A Small World

Title: A Small World

Author: Nishikata Mai

Artist: Nishikata Mai

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Shoujo

Summary: High Schooler Mei’s parents have both passed away. The only family she has left in the world is her happy-go-lucky step father. Since her mom’s passing she has had one question that she wanted to ask him…

Published as a one-shot in Hana to Yume in 2009.


Chinese New Year would usually entail you meeting with relatives such as your mother’s cousin’s father-in-law’s brother’s family. It’s won’t be uncommon for you to go visiting and suddenly find out that your classmate/enemy/crush/teacher was just somehow related to you. I kid you not. That being the case, I decided on a family-themed manga.

So I chose A Small World.

It’s a nice, short, sweet read. If you’re a fan of non-romantic relationships, this is definitely a must read. The manga focuses on the relationship between a high-school girl and her stepfather. Nishikata Mai spins their story as being completely platonic yet extremely special in its own unique way, which I find is a very refreshing change.

A nice, refreshing shoujo for your New Year!

Overall rating: 4.0/5.0

-arawr >=3



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4 responses to “One-Shot for the Weekend – A Small World

  1. Happy that you also enjoyed this xD It’s seriously rare to see a shoujo that focuses on this kind of family relationship and keeps it platonic. What made it even more rare is that it’s GOOD! I really love this oneshot~

    • I know! I really like how its all really sweet because its not romantic =P
      Read her other work Venus Capriccio as well because of this one-shot, and its really good too =D

  2. emysan83

    Ah, I read Venus Carpriccio. I thought this looked vaguely familiar. Maybe I should give it a try! Sounds rather cute^^

  3. i’ve read neither O_O. i’ll go read them both later Lol. art is fab !

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