The M.Weekend Shopper: Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 3 *Inexpensive Thrills* UPDATED

Welcome back for the next part of M.W’s Valentine’s Day gifts! This is our inexpensive thrills edition where we try our best to offer items that do not pass the USD $20 mark. Being half broke doesn’t mean you can’t get good gifts – and that is why we’re here to help you!

If you didn’t realise already, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (o.k. there’s 3 weeks left but still) . Time to scout for gifts dear peeps. If you refuse to meddle with the affairs of the love-birds or love-birds in-making, maybe you can get these for yourself too.

*Update: I’ve added more recommendations instead of creating a new post. i think creating too many parts might be too messy.

Check out Part 1 & Part 2.

Here we go:

For Him:

Nintendo: Classic NES Controller Black T Shirt

Official Nintendo Game merchandise. Front image of T shirt features Classic Nintendo Entertainment System controller. Adult Size.

Product ID: 96301b11
Size Chart:
Adult Small – approx. 36″ chest, 27″ length.
Adult Medium -approx. 42″ chest, 28″ length.
Adult Large – approx. 44″ chest, 30″ length.

Adult X-Large – approx. 46″ chest, 31″ length.


M.W: Take your man’s love for Nintendo to new heights by getting him this shirt. Does his love for Nintendo over-power his love for you? This is the ultimate solution. Can’t fight it? JOIN IT.

Retails at USD $$15.99 on CircleRed. Also available on


Tsubasa Kurogane Leather Wristband

Manufacturer: GE Animation
UPC: 699858979684


M.W: Inbibe the soul of the fearless Kurogane into your boo by bequeathing him with this almighty wristband. It is inscribed with a crescent that possesses unearthly lunar powers. Your hubby doesn’t know/like Kurogane/Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles? Well, it’ll still look good  anyway.
Retails at USD $5.95 on Can also be found on CircleRed, RightStuf, JustManga & YesAnime.


Gloomy’s Heart 59Fifty Fitted Hat

by Mori Chack

Gloomy Bear’s love hurts so good. Inspired by Japanese artist Mori Chack’s infamous icon, this 30% wool/70% acrylic New Era 59Fifty fitted hat features a puff embroidered ‘Gloomy Heart’ on the front, Kidrobot logo embroidered on the back, collaborative Mori Chack logo on the side, and a heather gray under-visor.

-via KidRobot.Eu

M.W: Get your hubhub into the Valentine spirit with this ultra-cool hat designed by Mori Chack, more commonly known as the artist of Gloomy Bear. The grey and pink is a lovely combination that wouldn’t hurt the man’s macho-side. Yes, Gloomy Bear’s love hurts so good.

Retails at GBP £8.25(Formally £27.50) on the KidRobot website.


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Alphonese Mask Beanie

Licensed FMA Brotherhood merchandise. This awesome mask beanie features Al Elric. This mask beanie has been designed to fit the shape of your face (2 holes for eyes). Super warm, protect your face from cold weather. You can also fold your ski mask and wear it like a beanie. One size fits most.

Availability: In Stock
UPC: 699858923830
Manufacturer: Great Eastern


M.W: Ah. A beanie. Many people have them, but few have a design like this. It’s fun, it’s unique, it’s young.  Make your partner’s beanie life more interesting by giving him this FMA beanie. If he likes FMA, that’s a plus isn’t it? If he doesn’t, let him wear it to sleep. You get the pleasure of watching him sleep with this thing on his head. Win-Win situation.
Retails at USD $14.99 on This item can also be found on &


One Piece: Straw Hat Pirates Jolly Roger Towel

Official licensed towel from Great Eastern Entertainment.


M.W: Fuwah! Fuwah! Wrap your hub hub with this! Let them fantasise in the bathroom that they’re some epic character from One Piece. A towel, wrapped around the body, your feelings wrapped around him. How romantic…

Retails at USD $15.45 on the japanimation website.


For Her:

Cozy Mittens (Adult)

Manufacturer: Aninara


M.W: Keep your baby  cute & warm this Valentine’s Day with these cozy mittens. I’m sure you can imagine your baby running, walking and strolling around with these fluffy accesories.

Retails at USD $14.99 on Many other designs available.


Tokidoki: Kaiten Sushi Journal

Back by popular demand! You cannot stop the popularity of adorable Tokidoki. Our first journal and stationery set sold more than any other sets, so we’re extremely excited to present a second journal, designed by Italian-born artist Simone Legno. The image speaks for itself. This journal will be sought after and treasured by many!
Manufacturer: Dark Horse
Author: Simone Legno
Product ID: #761568154757


M.W: Need something practical for office, school or [insertsomethinghere]? Get this journal of cool-ness-ness for your cutie-pie this Valentine’s Day. Of course, you can be sure that it will be revealed to the world, sat on top of your Dearie’s notes & books and papers and other things. Friend of your Dearie would ask, “Where on earth did you get this piece of awesome-ness?”
Dearie responds, “My HUBBY got it for me~
Friend of Dearie becomes Jealous Friend of Dearie.

Retails at USD $9.99 on Also available on akadot, amazon, Kai Animation, & Immortal Beloved Toys.


Bleach: Hair Pin – Orihime

Product ID: #GE7823


M.W: Perhaps your little beauty is a fan of Orihime; or you yourself may love Orihime but secretly hide it in fear of your little beauty going on a rampage. Infuse some Orihime-ness into her by getting these pretty pair of hairpins – maybe she may grow to like her more.

Retails at USD $5.49 on You can get this on or TokyoToys too.


Bleach: Earring – Orihime Flower

Product ID: #GE6232


M.W: In need of more showy gifts but still in need of some Bleach/Orihime-ness? Pack this up and give it to your personal Orihime this Valentine’s. They’ll fling the chains of pretty-ness whenever they turn their head. It’ll have a place in anyone’s accessory box – at least, We believe so.

Retails at USD $10.99 on Also available on JustManga, Toylet & PowerAnime.


Totoro Acorn Bento Box Kinchaku Bag

The kinchaku is a traditional style purse/ bag that keeps things secure via a drawstring. Made out of a soft 100% cotton fabric, this high quality carrying bag from Skater comes to you in a whimsical Totoro theme (with the various Totoro’s enjoying acorns). The two handles make this purse easy to carry and stay securely closed via the draw string. Cute and trendy, making this a keep sake for all fans of Totoro.

Measures 15.5 x 29 cm (6.1 x 11.4 inches). Made in Japan.


M.W: Now ain’t this a cute purse/bag. Imagine strolling it around, carrying your lunch, your little belongings. Who doesn’t love My Neighbour Totoro?

Retails at USD $12.50 on the Jbox website.


For Him &/Or Her:

Tsubasa: Fai’s Magic Staff Anime Necklace

Cosplay necklace, based on the hit anime, Tsubasa. The necklace features Fai’s Magic Staff approx. 2 in length. Chain length 18 inches. Perfect for anime cosplay or daily wear. Necklace in tin case. Blister card packaging.


M.W: Feast your love one with this intricate piece. It’s fashionable, it’s a work of art, it’s beautiful. Anyone who doesn’t know Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles will also appreciate this.

Retails at USD $8.88 on & sold by AnimeWild). Also available on JustManga.


Pac-Man: Pac-Man and Ghosts Tote Bag

Licensed Pac-Man merchandise.

Features: One large interior compartment with a small zipper pocket.
Size: 12″ L x 14″ H. © Circle Red.

UPC: 846556192208
Rated: For Ages 14+
Manufacturer: Bioworld


M.W: Screw pockets. Get this tote bag. It’s Pac-Man. Pac-Man is classic. Classics demands respect. The whole world will respect, Thou who is using it. What a lovely gift.


Soul Eater Shinigami Snowflake Cell Phone Charm

The Soul Eater charm measures about 2 inches.

Manufacturer: GE Animation
UPC: 699858962440


M.W: We have no idea what this charm is for & maybe it might’ve been more suitable for Halloween, but goodness – who doesn’t love a charm?  Let this awesome thing accompany your partner wherever they go & hopefully, they’ll be blessed with some positive effects. What’s Soul-Eater you say? Doesn’t matter if people are completely ignorant, it still looks cool!

Retails at USD $5.95 on Also available on Anime,, &


iPhone Skins

For Her:

Pastel Playground 1

by Junko Mizuno

For Him:
by Michael Sison

Make your iPhone look unique and protect it from scratches. Skins for all iPhone models. Great with the Apple Bumper case for the iPhone 4.

1 full sized piece of iPhone art for the back
1 small front piece of iPhone art for the front
1 Infectious logo
M.W: Almost everyone I know is using iPhone, with that many people using the same device, we need to make our own gadget unique. Present your partner with a choice of iPhone skins, personalise! Be hip! A phone is now an accessory, so embrace! You’ll be sure to gain positive attention with such wonderful designs by re-known artists.

They both retail at USD $14.99 on


That is all this time round! Hope this selection was at least mildly helpful, if it isnt, you may choose to lie and tell us that you love it(even if you detest it). You liked our selection but haven’t found – the one? Come back next week for Part 4! 

We’ve recently just added a currency converter website under our Useful Links, we hope that calcuting will be much more convenient for you!



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5 responses to “The M.Weekend Shopper: Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 3 *Inexpensive Thrills* UPDATED

  1. Tsubasa Kurogane Leather Wristband
    I actually bought this for myself a while back XD What can I say, it’s fashionable cute ❤

    Tsubasa: Fai’s Magic Staff Anime Necklace
    Even though I'm not much of a Tsubasa fan, this looks so cute ~

    Pac-Man: Pac-Man and Ghosts Tote Bag
    Ah, this reminded me of that live-action version Japan is going to make of Pac-Man. Will definitely be interesting to see ^^;

    So many cute things ❤

    • I love tsubasa! i absolutely adore sakura & syaoran to the core that its unimaginable. the last part of tsubasa was confusing though. haven’t finished it!
      fai necklace was a good find, I really want the soul eater charm haha.

      Live action version of pac-man? what they gonna do? LOL. *no clue*

  2. emysan83

    Oh my gosh~ I loooove that Totoro bento bag. So Cuuute!
    *dies from cuteness overload*
    And you know, I never thought about it but Orihime’s hair pins are really pretty!

    • yeaaa! adorable isn’t it? i had to update this post with more stuff since our next V-day gift post is sadly, going to be the last.
      i never knew her hairpins were pretty too until i had a look at them myself, someone who doesn’t follow bleach will definitely appreciate it too

  3. Pingback: The M.Weekend Shopper: Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 4 | manga weekend

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