Starry☆Sky Anime + Episodes 1-2

Welcome aboard everyone, now this is exciting, isn’t it, Eh?

This is my first ever anime review/opinion post, I’ve never written one before so I’ll attempt to convey my thoughts in the best way I can. Please take care of me~

I’ll be focusing on two episodes in each post on Starry Sky anime since each male character/love interest is explored through two episodes. I’ll also cover most of the general aspects of the anime in this post.


Genre: Slice of life, School life, Shoujo, Harem, Romance(this is included the genre but I’m not quite sure it fits)

Status: Currently airing, planned for 26 episodes, 11 minutes each episode

The heroine, Tsukiko, enrolled to a school that was recently changed from all-boys school to co-ed. Since the area where the school is conveniently rural and the rather exclusive curriculums the school has, up until now the heroine is the only one female who enrolled to the school.

In Starry Sky, the 12 constellations of the Zodiac are personified into handsome young men.

The anime will be directed by Kiyomo Sayaka. Adapted from the Starry Sky Otome Game series. The anime is in an episodic format.

Rated G – All Ages


When I got news that there was a to be an anime adaptation of Starry Sky I felt all warm & happy inside. However, at the same time, I pondered about the outcome, how could an otome game, filled with guys who all end up in love & married with the same woman possibly work. I had my doubts and there were certainly complications, but I still very much enjoyed the first 2 episodes, saying that, I have played the first part of the game, Starry Sky in Spring.

The first two episodes are narrated and revolved around Yoh since he’s the starring star sign. If you played Starry Sky In Spring, these two episodes actually fills in some gaps missing for Yoh’s background. But even so, the anime itself leaves out huge chunks of the original story, it’s basically a summary of the game/visual novel except it’s in motion. The anime is still able make sense if you don’t know the game/visual novel, however you will be severely disadvantaged in terms of actually enjoying it.

Using an episodic approach stays true to the objective of creating an adaptation of the game, but at the same time, limits it. Personally, I would absolutely dread it if the anime had 12 guys on the loose at the same time, that would just be pure chaos & drama and that would spin-off a new story altogether(that would need more money too I suppose). The anime can’t really afford any lovey-dovey scenes, that would clearly disrupt the balance. Let’s just say that the anime takes a stance away from romance and stays on the friendship boundary.

The art is beautiful, I especially love the childhood scenes where Tsukiko and Yoh were under the night sky. The sound & music is first class, it really reflects the mood & atmosphere desired. Both the art & music made two very potentially cheesy scenes into deep scenes that felt mystical & nostalgic. It’s quite important to note that the Starry Sky series feature a star-studded voice-acting cast and they are fantastic in the anime.

The part of the anime that I found most annoying are the scene transitions. They move on from one scene to another with these stars flooding the screen accompanied with this sparkling sound playing in the backgound. It just screams otome, otome! And ruins the whole sentimental & nostalgic mood that the previous scene developed. How excruciating, even if it’s just a minor thing.

I think the main weakness of the anime is that it was derived from an otome game. Otome games rely on the player to choose a love interest, each player has their own personality. Tsukiko sort of carries this stereotypical kind-hearted character and I find it sort of weak. On the other hand, if Tsukiko was to take on a really distinct personality wouldn’t that lose the whole value of Starry Sky as a otome? It sort of backfires and weakens the anime  since she’s the star of the series. What a sticky situation.

Overall, I would say it fulfilled my expectations, the anime is essentially a supplement for fans of the original game, if you’re a complete stranger, you may risk kicking your socks off and having a nap. I think many people thought that they would be able to watch scenes filled with dokidoki moments and that’s why they were disappointed. There are 12 guys and 1 leading lady, if any beautiful progression was it happen, that could mean minimum 13 episodes per character’s story. That is clearly not going to happen or will it ever? If the Starry Sky game were to be a full breakfast, the anime would be this pack of candy for extras. Come Spring~

Here’s a good quality clip of the ending song, a short rendition of Starry Sky by Hikaru Midorikawa:

Yes, there’s bad grammer in the English but at least they’re still able to convey what it is they would like to convey. It almost gives the meaning more depth in some bizarre way(for me) since you need to decipher it a bit. Professionally, I guess it doesn’t work out but that’s my little pleasure.

I tried correcting the ending lines & I love the lines to death:

Thank you. That was the only thing I wanted to tell you.

I wonder when you’ll realize my heart.

I was expecting that I could be with you forever.

Could you tell me how you love the real me?

Let me be concerned about you too.

Destiny? I don’t want to be bound by anything.

How can I come to believe in you?

The more precious a thing is, the more easily it is broken.

Can a person like me be allowed to love anybody?

In fact, all the while  I’ve been scared of loneliness.

Well…I have accomplished all that there is to be done.

Is there anyone who considers themselves to be weak right from the beginning?

This is me signing off.


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2 responses to “Starry☆Sky Anime + Episodes 1-2

  1. emysan83

    Thanks for reviewing this ^^ There’s been a lot of talk about it recently and I understand why. The boys are cuuuuuuuute!!!! (whoa.) But I didn’t play the game so I would hate if there was no substance to the anime series (hot guys can’t carry the entire thing). Your review was reeeally helpful. I really had no idea what the hub-bub was about (except for the boys.)
    Otome games turned anime or manga is tricky. I read La Corda d’Oro which originated from an otome game. And I think it does pretty well. BUT that might be because the guy I would chose will possibly be the last man standing. So someone else might feel differently.
    Such a tricky subject~

    • thank you!!!
      yes the characters are appealing! its a real jackpot selling point for each love interest to take on a star sign. I remember how I was obsessive about horoscope compatibilities a few years back Lol!
      it really is a tricky subject, i had a lot of difficulty writing this post, choosing starry sky as my first ever anime post was a bad decision but i presevered LOL.
      agreed! La Corda d’Oro really is a good adaptation! starry sky was split into 4 game parts on top of that with 12 main love interests! so i think there are lots of complications.
      yes exactly! it might turn out unfair for some members of the audience if a particular guy got da lady.

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