The M.Weekend Shopper: Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 4

Hey-ho! It feels like a while since we last posted part 3 so I’m feeling rather excited to welcome thee to Part 4 of our Valentine’s Day gift recommendations. There quite a few stuff to oogle at.

Now, now settle down.

YOU, coming in with a cup of coffee/tea, you’re late. I mean obviously I can’t see you, but if you were about to sit down with a cup of coffee/tea then spooky, slash exciting moment.

Now if you have no idea why you are reading this post(which happens to be highly unlikely), let moi fill you in. Let’s say, right here, right now, you’re pulling your hair out, down in the dumps or alternatively, you’re a witness to a scene which involves your own soul evaporating. Why? You have no idea what to get your love one maybe? You’re single but you just want to get into the Valentine spirit! (I admire your enthusiasm!) You want your baby to go gaga over you? You wanna gaga yourself. Well, our little cheekies, we’re here to help you.

Right, if you’d like to get up to speed, here are links to part 1, part 2 & part 3 . We’ve mildly revamped & prett-ify them further & we added additional items into part 3 since creating another post will make things messy.

You have photographic memory? Let’s get on with part 4! Coincidentally, the selection this time round carries a heavier price-tag and the whole special men’s selection is pretty deprived.

For Her:

Victorian Oval Bracelet

Victorian Oval Bracelet, coated in Black Epoxy. It is a colorful, lively and beautiful everyday accessory. The bracelet has 5 of Camilla’s gorgeous girl art images:

Cotton Candy Curly Cue, Iguana, Rascal, Ophelia and Unwavering Hearts.

– bracelet measures 8″
– Metal parts are lead-free, nickel-free and plated in sterling silver and all items are handmade in the USA by Classic Hardware.

-via Camilla d’

M.W: This is one of Camilla d’Errico’s accessories selected for this Valentine’s Day, they offerred priority shipping before the 8th of February however I was imcompetant and I couldn’t release this post any sooner, Sorry :(. That aside, this is a gorgoeous piece to adorn your cup-cake! Camilla d’Errico is such a fantastic artist!

Retails at USD $60.00 on the Camilla d’Errico website.


Erika Red Wristlet Mobile Phone Accessory

With a red vinyl strap, this eye-catching accessory lets you carry your phone in comfort and style. Erika shines in red epoxy with beautifully sparkly and colourful crystal details. Playful, romantic and practical, this is the perfect gift for your Valentine!

Article no.: 1086576

Size: 28/4 x 4 x 0.5 cm

– via

M.W: One of Swarovski’s V-day selection too. It features Swarovski’s Erika design which that cute animated face! Get it for boo boo to dangle it around in adorable sparkles!

Retails at GBP £72.00 on the Swarovski website.


Zutto, Cherries Mini-Bag
Limited Edition Mini-Bag

Is it a make-up bag? Is it a wash bag? Or is it the coolest

pencil case? The choice is yours…

What we can tell you is that it is made in England – constructed from canvas and leatherette finishing and inner lining. With a nice big chunky zip. Plus a button badge on the zip pull. It is 30cm wide and 20cm high

There is also a matching Eye Mask – SOLD SEPARATELY – to help you dream your cares away!

Both are part of a Limited Edition of 1000 – with more designs to come in 2010.


M.W: Have mercy upon me & thee! This is an amazing piece of art by Zutto, who’s an artist from Russia. The colours are so rich & contrasted with the white, it’s a show-stopper. The design is real cute too! It’s also slightly morbid for the more gloomy person.

Retails at GBP £29.00 on the ClickForArt website.


Hats All Folkes

Irregular Choice Hats All Folkes. Hand customised baseball cap. Only two available!!


M.W: FUWAH. Now how cute is this? Now if your baby is a base-ball fan & into the cute movement get this! It’ll command the eye of the whole base-ball fan crowd instead of the game! Not into base-ball? It’s fine! Add some punch onto the casual outfit! Me love!

Retails at GBP £84.00 on the Irregular Choice website.


For Him

(just added this last minute)

Silver Earring -TIDUS-

A reproduction of the earring worn by TIDUS, the main character from FINAL FANTASY X.

Memo:(for one ear only)



M.W: This is a one-ear only earring. It looks cool. I think he’ll like it. It adds some edge. Some style. It’s cool. Did I say that already? Oh yes, it’s fantastic quality.

Retails at GBP £37.99 on the Square-Enix website.


Silver Ring

A silver ring worn by Squall, the main character from FINAL FANTASY VIII.

There are a choice of ring sizes available on the website.

Size:Japan Ring Size
Memo:For ages over 14


M.W: Now this might require some serious dedication to give him this ring. Final Fantasy VIII had a rather romantic story between Rinoa and Squall…re-united love from the previous generation…I can still remember those words Squall said…

“Even if the world becomes your enemy… I’ll be your knight.”

I think I’ve melted. Infuse some dedication into your darling now.

Retails at  GBP £61.50 on the Square-Enix website.


For Him and/or Her:

Chain w/ KR Head Silver

by Tarina Tarantino

Attach one end to your wallet, the other to your pocket and let KR Head take care of the rest. Made from silver chain link, this wallet protector features an engraved clasp, 4 KR Head beads and measures 23 inches long. Tarina Tarantino for Kidrobot. Size:


100% Rhodium plated.

– via

M.W: Now this is a real deal. Get this chain in time for V-day! It’s a fashionable piece and a wallet protector too. It’s even decorated with little robot heads! Awesome!

Retails at GBP £61.80(Formally £206.00) on the KidRobot website.


Gloomy Earphones Black + Pink

He’s back again! Gloomy, the itazura grizzly bear, will help you enjoy your music. The sliding paw adjusts the length of the earphones.

M.W: How sweet is this. You couples out there can listen to music in a more couple fashion without the need to share one ear piece between each other. Music in a gloomy bear fashion! 

Currently retails at USD $31.00 on the flutterscape website. Also available on Strapya World & Rakuten.




Red Play T-Shirt (White)

100% Cotton

M.W: These T-shirts are all the rage from the Comme des Garçons Play line by Rei Kawabuko(Which happens to be one of my favourite designers). They’re are iconic and you’ll recognise them anywhere. The fact that the design is a heart is perfect for V-day too~ 

Retails at GBP £72.00 for women & £75.00 for men on the DoverStreetMarket website.



produced by I HEART GUTS


• 11 x 9″

How about giving your significant other the hardest working organ in your body as a Valentine’s Day gift!


M.W: Now this is an interesting gift for Valentine’s Day, also very obvious. Give this your boy-friend, girl-friend, mum or whoever you like to give your heart to. You’re LITERALLY giving them your heart with the feelings in your heart, oh and it’s LITERALLY the organ too, except in plush form.

Retails at USD $18.00 on the MunkyKing website.


For a guy or a gal, it’s up to you! We just list the suggestions by gender for general purposes only.


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4 responses to “The M.Weekend Shopper: Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 4

  1. bikachama

    OMG . you can buy a tidus earring ? >_> If i were a boy, I’d wear it xD xD omg and I’d also wear squall’s ring *__*
    and all the other stuff is soo cute, like the earphones.. and I really love this mini bag 😀

  2. That little bag is so cute x3
    That bracelet is definitely WANT material ~
    Heck, everything here is WANT material
    *grabs everything and slowly sneaks away…*

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