Happy Valentine’s Day~

Happy Valentine’s Day all round please.

Maybe you’ll receive some confession today, or are you going to confess, how saucy. If you’re in Japan, it’ll probably be only girls doing their thang. If you’ve got no reason in particular to celebrate this day, go chill with your friends or your family and get into the spirit. No? Well, HAPPY FACE. I have no idea what else to say but arawr decided to share some last minute V-day gift recommendations too which I will be posting sometime throughout the day!

Here’s our Valentine’s Day mascots and love-related role models. Syaoran & Sakura~

They’ve been introduced in Card-Captor Sakura then they lived on in another dimension then he got cloned, Sakura lost her memories and other severe complications happened but yet their love is still undying. Honestly, if these two can’t make it I don’t know who else can.

My favourite couple this time round is gonna have to be Gakuen Alice’s Natsume & Mikan. Their love went on in a whole new level in the latest chapters. It feels like something beyond that, I bawled my eyes out.

Oh yes, arawr’s favorite couple is Shinichi & Ran from Dectective Conan. (I just remembered I sorta dissed them in my oneshot post)

Who’s your favourite couple this year round?

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day.




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18 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day~

  1. emysan83

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I still have 4 hrs. until it’s v-day here ^^
    Hopefully you two have dates planned! I don’t this year but I like it that way!!! Weee! All I can hope for is a box of chocolates XD

    • haha Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! I don’t, but I’m gonna hav a busy day hunting for hana to yume & lala dx in london then pack and hop on a train.
      not sure about arawr, she’s full of surprises and she lives on the other side of the country. for what i know she might be having children alreds.

      what’s your favourite manga couple!?

      • emysan83

        Hmmm… probably…
        Kurosaki x Teru from Dengeki Daisy! ^^
        (they’ve been my obsession the past year or so)

      • you have this weird obsession over me being preggers =_=
        oh and if its shoujo manga kurosaki x teru is one of my top5 couples as well XD they’re relationship is just soooo sweett XDXD

  2. 😀 Happy Valentine’s Day you too!
    (though I’ve still got a while for it to hit here ^^)

    Love that you have SLH as the opening picture x3
    Hoho, for once Kitoo and Yamashina get some love (usually they’re kicked to the side like good secondary characters haha)

    • hahaha. the picture is really pretty! i had to put it up! vday! everyone deserves equal lurrrve~ hahaha.

      what’s your favourite pairing!!!

      • Hmm, for me, I’d have to say it’s a tie between Howl x Sophie (from Howl’s Moving Castle, the movie and books) vs. Clea x Michele (from Glass Fleet, the anime no one liked by me xD).

        However, I do love me some Alice x Boris (from Heart no Kuni no Alice – they are adorable in the Clover series :3) or Kyoshiro x Kuu (from Shattered Angels, once Kyoshiro grew a pair :3)

  3. Mine’s Simon x Nia from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.~

    I also like Natsume x Mikan~ Not a fan of the other pairings featured though ^^;

    • OMGOSH YES. Simon x Nia!!! they’re so adorable. i really could burst! tick tick tick!

      lol, I’ve always thought that the natsume x mikan pairing is a little overrated in first 50 chapters, just cuz natsume always bullies her etc but when things got dark and really sad i thought i was gonna die because it was too overwhelming sad/beautiful.

      • Simon x Nia is so adorable indeed. They make me cry too… waaaaahhh!!!! They’ve been an unforgettable pairing for me~

        I find Natsume x Mikan funny until later (because their relationship doesn’t change =_= Seeing things over and over got me bored) but yeah, when the dark and stuff started happening.. it’s very… baaaw ;_;

  4. Happy Valentine’s day to u too ~ 😀

  5. gasssh wordpress’ comment system isnt very good. whyyy u no let me reply mooorrreeeee
    awww yes loved howl’s moving castle. I saw your tweet saying you like howl with blonde hair. i prefer him with black hair.
    DUN DUN DUNNN *the battle rages*
    i’ve never heard of glass fleet or Shattered angel *looks down in shame* & i’ve only read one chapter of Heart no Kuni no Alice.

    • It’s special is all I can say to describe wordpress’s reply system
      It works out perfectly for me and my friend – she gets Black Hair Howl and I get Blondie. So the one you’ll have to fight is my friend xD
      Howl: I’m such a sexy devil *takes his shirt off and poses*

      Those are real non-mainstream animes. In fact, most people hate them. I’m a weirdo because I usually like what everyone hates (and I usually don’t get excited when everyone else does – Tsubasa, Naruto, etc.). So basically, I’m saying I’m a weirdo xD
      Heart no Kuni no Alice is good guilty pleasure x3 I love me some Boris and Julius ❤
      (Blood can go drown in a ditch =__=; he's an enemy of all women, though I heard in the game he's supposed to be WAYYYYYY better than his manga adaptation.)

      • LOL. *searches through arsenal*

        I’ve always been quite behind in watching anime . i’m still watching haruhi suzumiya and that was released in 2007(as you can probably tell from my tweets).
        i’ve forgotten about the characters but judging from the name Boris & Julius i’m assuming their both guys Lol! guilty pleasures
        enemy of all women…he doesnt need to shave his legs cuz he’s HAIRLESS?

      • Heck, I have the Haruhi anime but I haven’t gotten to watching it yet ^^; (still on my shelf shrink wrapped – I love bargain hunting too much…) so no worries about being behind!

        GOOD LOOKING guys ;D
        Good eye candy for the soul ❤

        Lol, I never bothered to look at what's hidden under his suit. I don't like him because he's abusive – both mentally and physically to Alice. I don't see the appeal of a guy that choke holds a girl :/ (well, I guess if you're into that stuff…jk)

  6. @sylphalchemist
    Lol it must actually be nice to have everything nicely wrapped up still.

    maybe i am into that stuff…hehehe. okay no im not Lol! tsunderes are enough. hehehe.

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