Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

***chungky: sorry this post is running late, my fault! I didn’t manage to edit it last night! If you’re in Asia, I guess this is pretty much er, pointless. If you’re in Europe, er, well, you’ve got a couple more hours. If you’re in the Americas, er, well erm. Yes. Enjoy this post by arawr. For gags really! ***

———-arawr starting now.

If you’re thinking right now ‘holy crap, it’s the 14th of February and I think it’s an important date but I can’t for the life of me remember what the heck it is’, then allow me to enlighten you if every single shop you’ve come across hasn’t been shoving it into your face.

It’s Valentine’s Day.

Still haven’t got a gift? That special, precious gift for your one and only? That one token that may or may not make or break what you want to, or already have with that one (or two, or three, or four, or five) person(s)?

Fear not.

The commercial world has been structured to help you out, and so have we. So here are 5 last minute gifts from the one of the most non-romantic, practical people that have the audacity to populate the earth – me.

1.       Valentine’s Day Gift Package

Walk into a perfume store, a cosmetics store, a department store, anything, whatever. Somewhere along the shelves on display there’ll be these nicely wrapped boxes just waiting for you to buy them. You don’t have to think much, just grab one, pay and go.

2.       Flowers

These shouldn’t be too difficult. If you’ve called up every single florist you can think of and they’ve run out of flowers, tough luck. But all is not lost. There’s always the supermarket, the vegetable market (yes, some do sell them) and your very own garden. If you can’t find any there, go to the park. Just grab some and go. In fact, go very, very fast before anybody catches you. If all else fails, get some fake ones or fold an origami and come up with some lame line, i.e.  ‘just like my love, these won’t wither/rot/die’.

3.       Chocolates

For the sake of all that is romantic, don’t buy a candy bar. Splurge a little. The person on the receiving end should deserve that much since you’ve left it to this last minute. Godiva, Thorntons, anything. You can even get baked chocolate goods like cookies or cupcakes from a bakery or supermarket. Handmade stuff are still the best, of course. Naturally there isn’t much time, so buy instant some chocolate cake mix if you can’t bake . It should be done under an hour, but if you are SERIOUSLY pressed for time and SERIOUSLY hopeless in the kitchen, do what I did in boarding school – microwave chocolate cake. (There’s a ton of recipes out on the net, you can even make them in mugs really…)

If you really want to put some effort in for a cake and you’ve never baked, here’s a good tip – don’t get creative. Make sure you have all the ingredients, don’t add whatever you feel like adding and follow the instructions.

4.       A Valentine’s Day Card

This is even more basic than chocolates – a card. It can be a super expensive one from Hallmark, an e-card or even just a short but sweet note you slot through something you know that special person is going to use or come across (i.e. their pencil case, folder, whatever). You can even dig through the recesses of your rudimentary, elementary school archive on how to make a handmade card. Or utilise post-its and just stick it everywhere with little love notes. Get creative. Make it mean something. Make it personal. Make it for that special person!

5.       Confess!

Due to all the profits companies reap from all these stupid occasions that humans just had to come up with, people tend to forget the true meaning behind these days. Valentine’s Day is about love people. It’s not about all the material goods (although those are really nice too). Just tell them how you feel. A particularly good idea I have in mind is going to said person’s house in the wee hours of the morning and shouting out how much you love them (it’s less effective and kind of pointless if you live together but oh well).

I got this idea from my friend’s sister’s boyfriend. He bullied a bunch of juniors to shout out her name from the bottom her apartment complex and then he shouted ‘I love you!’. And so she heard it (I think), all the way from 20 floors above. Romantic, I suppose. You can do the same, but if you don’t have any juniors to bully I suppose you could ask some friends (why didn’t he think of that?) or gather some free, friendly strangers (you could offer some monetary reward as a cajoling method).

For other grand gesture ideas, you could do stuff like paint a huge banner and wave it all over the place or just stick it somewhere you know they’ll walk/drive/go past like at the roundabout or a bridge. It may or may not be treated as trash and/or vandalism and get thrown away.

And there you have it. I decided to contribute something to the Valentine Day posts since I haven’t been helping much (this is not an easy occasion to deal with for unromantic people such as I) so I supposed I should do this much in the least. Oh well. Hopefully this post saved somebody.

Happy Valentine’s Day! =D

-arawr >=3


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