Mushroom Manga~ *CNY Edition 2*

Today is the last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations, it is celebrated with a Lantern Festival. It’s almost like Japan’s Bon Festival where people light up lanterns to guide the spirits & ancestors back home. You can also call today Chap Goh Mei, which is what I usually call it. Oh, that’s right, just when you thought Valentine’s Day is over – BAM. Today is also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

I’ve only included one story in this special Mushroom Manga post, I did have another but while I was writing about it I realised it wasn’t quite appropriate to ask everyone to read a tragedy on a rather joyous occasion so I scrapped it out at the last minute.


Title: Ryuu no Hanawazurai/Two Flowers for the Dragon

Author/Artist: Kusakawa Nari

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Teenage Shakuya, the next head of the Dragon Clan, suddenly finds herself with two fiancés! The first vanished years ago but has now mysteriously returned. But betrothed number two is not about to just step aside. What’s a girl to do? Her mother decides that at the end of a year, Shakuya will marry the man she has the strongest feelings for. How that will be determined is by “magic tattoos” on both of Shakuya’s hands, each representing one of her suitors. As her love grows, so do the tattoos! And complicating all of this is that fact that whenever Shakuya gets upset, she turns into a fearsome dragon!


This is by the same mangaka as ‘The Recipe for Gertrude‘ if you’re wondering why it looks rather familiar and it’s also a completed work. It’s quite a unique story and thank good-ness there’s no drama in the love triangle, in fact, we get to witness how two conflicting men try to get the heroine’s affection in their own ways in a rather humourous approach.

I’m in love with the heroine, she’s slightly bizarre to my liking and there are quite a number of strong female characters and most of them have loose screws in their head like the heroine, how exciting. This is one of the shoujo manga where I find that the heroine actually holds an higher position than her male counterparts and it’s rather refreshing. I guess that sort of balances things out, females are strong but they’re extremely weird.

If you’re looking for people to drool at I’m not quite sure this manga would fit the bill but it does offer interesting characters & a unique storyline to keep you reading. I’m not that concerned about who the heroine ends up with(I’ve only read one volume). There’s some(not a lot) action going on to keep those who aren’t a big fan of romances interested in the story. The story offers a tad bit of everything and it’s a nice read if you have some time to spare. Hurra-ra-ra-ra. Oh, if you’re wondering whether there is any Chinese sort of influence in this manga, it’s pretty much just dressing the characters in traditional Chinese costumes.


Here’s Watanuki sliding the doors open to a prosperous New Lunar Year. Enjoy everyone. If you were a loser on Valentine’s Day because you couldn’t follow our awesome gift posts right, here’s the day to make-up. Hehehe. This is me, signing off. Te-rah.



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8 responses to “Mushroom Manga~ *CNY Edition 2*

  1. I kinda like the art of this one ^_^

  2. I loooove kusakawa nari works xD

    I highly prefer recipe for gertrude than two flowers for the dragon though

  3. When I read “lanterns,” I’m instantly reminded of that one scene in Tangled x3

    Two Flowers for the Dragon! I was going to read this title once the whole thing was released but the company that was releasing it here went under ;___;
    It looked so good too!

    • SPEAKING OF TANGLED. I HAVENT WATCHED IT YET. i know its a terrible crime, i hope i can do so tonight or sumthing!
      the idea of lanterns usually gives me that haunting, nostalgic feeling that love! just a few days ago a large group of students from my uni released a load of lanterns in the middle of a field in the night sky! it was so beautiful u can cry T_T.

      its definitely a nice read in the spare time i had 😛
      i might be wrong but is the company ur referring to CMX?

      • Hey, no stress. I’m usually out of touch with movies. The only reason I saw it in a timely fashion was because a friend also wanted to see it.
        What happened at your uni is kind of similar to what happens in the movie 😀 So you got a RL preview hoho!

        Yup, that’s the company ;___; I was finally starting to read their stuff too. Oh Break Blade, how you will never be completed now (unless someone rescues the title…which I doubt…)

  4. @sylphalchemist
    hehehe, i just watched True Grit & Black Swan. tangled is always in the day-time. !!! i dnt like watching movies in the day xD

    its a shame that a lot of titles are just left & abandoned like that. if any publisher were to pick it up it might involve those really tedious copyright problems bleh. arawr was ranting about break blade recently! i hav no idea whats it about. i just think BEYBLADE. i was like…i thought that phase in life is over…

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