One-Shot for the Weekend – Doctor Bird

Title: Doctor Bird

Author: Takahashi Pochi

Artist: Takahashi Pochi

Genre: Comedy, One Shot, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Yuka’s dream is to become a doctor who flies around the world. And the guy who reached this dream before she did is back…?


“A spring-time of life, where I will run across the sky”

-Takahashi Pochi, Doctor Bird.



I absolutely love this one-shot, it re-created this sensation that I have not felt in a long, long time. It’s creates this moment where happiness & sadness can overlap, without harsh edges. 

The storyline is the biggest strength of this one-shot, it’s about a girl’s dream to become a doctor and to achieve that, she must study hard to take an exam which only takes place every 4 years. The story is quite original but the characters & the way it is executed may seem predictable and cliched to many, but it’s done very nicely.

The heroine is stubborn and childish and she wasn’t quite likable in the beginning but she makes up for that by being determined and passionate about what she does(you can actually see her succeeding in something). Her relationship between the hero is sweet, I’m reluctant to use the words cute & adorable because their relationship has a deeper & solid background and it would just be a crime to go ‘awww.’

Does she succeed in her exam? I loved how the story took an interesting turn from there. I honestly pray that this one-shot will b e continued by the mangaka one day, it’s certainly incomplete for me; not just because of the ‘romance,’ but I want to see the heroine succeed! 

Oh, and I love the art, it’s been my ongoing dream to read a manga drawn in this style. I don’t want to get your hopes up too high(even though I did, arawr was like ‘waddd…’ after she read it), but you might read and find that it’s just a normal shoujo one-shot with an interesting idea, and it is.

*UPDATE: I cut off quite a few bits I wrote.

I present two ratings this once, first of all my shameless, personal rating: 4.5/5

My more ‘professional’ rating would be: 3.6/5



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7 responses to “One-Shot for the Weekend – Doctor Bird

  1. now i see why u were so generous to do this week’s one-shot hahahahahaha XD


    • LOL OOPS. You read it before I could edit that part out(was meant to edit that throughout the day but got lazy) xDDD. Sorry to get your hopes up, I made arawr’s soul evaporate cuz she read my post early and went to read Doctor Bird(she was wondering wth i was on about in my post). I was meant to take out 50% of the positivity but ah well…*dies of embarrassment*

    • it’s got a similar theme to akagami (with the medicine and all) so u’d really like it if u like that sort of passionate female lead =D

      there’s this way it utilises the cliches – cliched, but not typical. chungky’s got this thing for cliches that are executed in the, um, chungky way XD hard to find them, so there tends to be higher excitation levels when they are found =D

  3. This sounds really cute x3
    Weird about the test being once every four years – I’m instantly reminded of the Olympics haha

    So when she says she wants to be a doctor that flies, does that mean she goes around the world to third world countries and help them, or does it mean she wants to be one of those doctors who get flown into like…accident sites and try to help out on the scene? :3

    • aha this particular doctor job is suppose to be quite and elite and stuff
      the job of a ‘bird doctor’ in the manga is pretty much everything you’ve mentioned, even providing latest technology in health care etc. I love the manga’s whole idea of becoming a ‘bird doctor’ so unique and motivatinggg

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