A little bit of Asuka 3/11

My copy of Asuka 3 has just arrived and I’m lovin’ it. Yes, I had to resort getting mine online since some Londoners have been sweeping up Asuka 3 in Japan Centre even though I have been constantly checking up the stores for the past 4 weeks. I’ll only be posting a couple of shots, if you’d like more detail about this issue head to Ayumikat’s blog, The Brownie Post II, I just discovered her blog(and realised I was super late in doing so, I’m still reasonably new in the manga/anime blogging scene) and she does fantastic scans, you can check out her Asuka 3 posts here & another post where she covered the Asuka Colours Booklet.

I got my copy of Asuka from YesAsia once again and I bought a little One Piece fob along with it which is now joining the likes of my Tamaki x Haruhi Lala phone fob, my four-leaf clover & and my Taurus horoscope thingy to dangle down my phone.

The Beloved Yakumo, gracing the cover once again:

A plastic pencil board, I’ll be sure to use this! Hehehe. The other side of the pencil board features an illustration of Haruka.

Cover of the Asuka Colours illustration collection:

Illustrations of Barajou no Kiss found in the booklet. The quality all the illustrations and the booklet itself is fantastic. Normally, you’d probably have to pay a large sum to get a compilation of illustrations!

Illustrations also found in the booklet.I remember reading the first few chapters of Samurai Drive and being not that into it but I’m gonna give it another try since it looks so awesome.

If you want to get an issue of Asuka, this is the one to get because of the awesome stuff it contains or Asuka 1 because of all the wonderful calender posters it came with. Asuka 1 may be outdated but if you think you’re gonna die without it you can get it on Amazon.jp, they still have stock.

This is me signing off. But not for long!



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10 responses to “A little bit of Asuka 3/11

  1. I love Ayumikat’s blog x3
    Her stuff is so wonderful ❤

    That artbook looks so cool :O

  2. I hate you. ToT
    I’m so jealous. I can’t find things like these in my country and I can’t order online because mom would skewer me.
    I’ll just stare at your photos and pretend it’s mine

    • hello LOL. nawwwww dnt hate me xD
      You remind me of my position wayyy back. okay not wayyy back that might be exaggerating. I couldn’t get anything like this back when I lived on a certain island(3rd largest one haha) and yup, my mum would kill me if i got anything online. now that i reside in uni alone(and on the other-side of the world) im like. fuwah-ness-ness~
      i actually took a lot more photos haha which i might post elsewhere…hehehe…

      • You post it elsewhere? You caught my attention! Quick! Tell me! I like looking at photos of things that I don’t have, especially things related to anime. Call it self-pity.

  3. @meltedpoo
    lol! i actually created a sister blog called betsuenders which is in our blogroll. strictly speaking it just makes things complicated for everyone and is absolutely unnecessary, but i made it to put leftovers & other random animanga stuff(which i find fun lol).
    i might as well update more pics here but i’ll post them on the other one instead just for the fun of it xD.

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