Gakuen Alice Illustration Fan Book~

Hello my dear chums, what an inevitable thrill to have you all again. It’s been quite a bit of time now since I last shared the Starry Sky BGM Collection CD with you and just to enlighten confused minds, the Gakuen Alice Illustration Fan Book came in the same shipment. The product name is ‘Gakuen Alice Illustration Fan Book’ but the book itself actually says ‘fun’ instead of ‘fan,’ but oh well. I won’t add any captions but my comments will be posted UNDER each picture.

I played with the contrast & colour saturating tool a bit. They seem to make the photos more mystical…or that’s just me. By the way, this art book was released in 2007 which makes me VERY behind and quite a lot of the illustrations are already scanned and posted on minitokyo. So, if you ever want them as your background etc, you can get them there. If you follow Gakuen Alice you’d know that the story has entered its Final Arc, therefore there’s a chance that a new art-book will be released which would be good news to me!

Natsume & Ruka on the back cover. The book itself is the size of the Lala DX magazines which is B3 or B5? I need someone to clarify this, anyway it’s smaller than monthly manga magazines.

I’d love to get my hands on these play-cards! I’m sure there are some available!

This photo is a little blurred, forgive me. It’s a larger illustration hence the flip out. Very pretty no? I love Tachibana Higuchi’s wonderful art style, it’s like water-colour but its colours are rich…

Fun fun fun!


So sweet…even though we never saw them like that.

Another scene we’ll probably never witness in the Gakuen Alice story, thank goodness for illustrations! Took this and the below photo in yellow-ish lighting hence the outcome. I think it still turned out quite nicely though.

The yellow-ish tint gives it such a nostalgic feeling…sepia…

This is a compilation of all the illustrations that were featured on freebie cards!

Gakuen Alice goodies!!! I’d love the Gakuen Alice Nintendo DS game please!

More Gakuen Alice goodies!!!

Compilation of the black & white drawings in the manga. Look at the young Narumi-sensei! I loved his background story, so touching T_T. I love how Hotaru punched that dude too, I forgot what’s his name but I remember quite liking him, he’s like a ditz and Hotaru’s a genius.


Let’s study! Applies to me right about now…I love penguin to death…so sad…

This was a good addition to the art-book, 9 question interviews for each of the 20 main characters in Gakuen Alice. Ruka’s questions were funny, “What have you gained from being a female oriented character?” Lol.

HAHAHA. look at Inchou!!!

Mikan is just precious. Natsume’s ones were hilarious!

“Do you know what a tsundere is?”

Nat: How would I know and etc…

“Then why you getting mad?”

Nat: *getting angry*

HAHAHA. I would totally support Narumi & Misaki’s shounen ai relationship!

I left this illustration to end this post, one of my favourites. So pretty but I accidentally left that orange-y paper there oops. I hope you enjoyed the pictures so far. If you’re a Gakuen Alice fan, this is a must-have in your Gakuen Alice collection! Support Tachibana Higuchi-sensei! It’s a very high quality art book!

I got my copy from for about 11 British Pounds which I think is reasonable considering that artbooks are extremely expressive overall. I thought it might cost me 20+++

Til’ next time!





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9 responses to “Gakuen Alice Illustration Fan Book~

  1. I’m interested in seeing how Gakuen Alice ends. By your tweets, I’m taking this series is actually going down a depressing route (and here I thought it was able happiness and sunshine!) OoO

    Thanks for the pics ❤

    • the series is going down the depressing route, actually it was in the depressing route a whole lot earlier but its executed wonderfully and there is always some sunshine! theres always story development in each chapter which is a good thing for me! sometimes stalling can get a bit meh

      • Hi Chungky,
        Thanks for the information’s you gave it help a lot.. But well, haha it’s a little expensive to me than I expected.. haha well, then i’m just a girl at all.. I will wait for the right time (to buy) haha.. And the blog you wrote it’s nice.. It gives me happiness at all (so excited to have one soon) ahaha.. I hope.. We can be friends right?

        From a Fan of yours,
        Crystal Mae Capoy (

  2. bikachama

    woow >.< I really like these illustrations – time to continue Gakuen alice xD

  3. would really like this book because I am a fan big fan of gakuen alice
    I’m French and I speak French so I translated the text on google translation.
    Pass See my blog even if it is in French gakuen alice you can translate it with google translation

    see you soon ^^

  4. Hellow! Where can I buy that book? If you know I really love this manga, Every nights I always watch the series even though I did finish it.. Well, I search everywhere here in Philippines, Davao City I never find a book even in Internet’s I can’t buy.. Tsk, I cried b’cos of this manga b’cos I can’t finish it.. The truth is I’m a 15th yr old (teen)
    And if you know my wish is to go to Japan soon for this is the reason.. If you have any idea of that book.. Can you email me? Here’s my email (facebook and yahoo too)..

  5. natsume27

    where did you buy that? i really want one! and how much???

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