Random. Aimless. Nonsensical. Talk.

Here at Manga Weekend – since we’re always having our manga break – we never do our homework.

Well, okay, we do. Just not on time.

Technically speaking though, it’s not exactly homework. In university the word ‘homework’ evolves into ‘assignment’.

It is terrifying.

Anyway this ‘assignment’ thing is basically the cause of our sporadic posts (if you discount our laziness). I don’t know if anybody notices this but our post frequency tends to fluctuate. There are days when we’ll be quarrelling over who should post and others when we post nothing for days before coming up with the week’s one-shot (the only thing we’ve managed to regularly maintain, really).

The ‘post nothing for days’ period is usually the time when we have our deadlines. Last week is just one out of many such examples. I didn’t sleep for 48 hours so I could finish writing up my practical. Chungky didn’t sleep for 72 hours in order to finish up 2 essays.

I was sitting in one of my lectures the other day and found out that the record for staying awake was set by some 17-year old high school kid who didn’t sleep for 264 hours (around 11 days). In a controlled experimental setting most participants could go on for about 8 – 10 days. People in war used to continue whacking each other for 4 days straight without sleep. There is nothing more fascinating than testing the human limits >=D

This post really is random and aimless. I just thought I should post something.

Have a nice day!




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5 responses to “Random. Aimless. Nonsensical. Talk.

  1. Love that youtube clip. Good Poke’mon nostalgia mixed with the horrible truth that is homework…

    Don’t force yourself to blog – school comes first 😀 (because that’s where the $$$ be coming from)
    I enjoy whatever you all post ;D

    I’m a sad soul because I can’t really function if I go without sleep. I literally just crash ^^; Oh, such a weakling I am. Or maybe it’s because I don’t drink coffee? I noticed coffee tends to keep a person running for quite awhile.

    Good luck with classes. I’m having a “fun” time with my classes as well / sarcasm. Let’s survive this semester ^^

    • hahaha glad u liked the vid – posted this mainly coz i wanted to share it =P

      OMG PLEASE TELL THAT TO CHUNGKYYYY… “arawr, i want a mushroom post” “arawr, go write a review” “arawr mangaka of the month, helloooo??”

      hahah thanks for ur readership (if that’s a word lol) it means a lot to us =D

      i stay awake using copious amounts of green tea,apples and chocolates. i dunno wht chungky feeds off but i think it’s green tea, snacks and desperation >=)

      lol and i’m a bit of a nerd, i don’t actually like doing work but i like my classes HAHAHAHA glad i could study what i liked XD 10 more weeks (or however much longer ur semester is) … we can do this!! =D =D

  2. emysan83

    loved the vid ^^ and i’m in the same spot you two are in right now. I keep trying to think of something to post but coming up short. And then I dream of doing homework (which I never do anyway). Ugh- the eternal struggle~

    • glad u liked it! (try watching the wild michael jackson appeared as well.. omg its hilarious!!)
      it’s hard to come up with stuff to post at times but i always fin my end result worth it =D its just like my hw i spose XDXD

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