One-Shot for the Weekend – Sora ni Saitara

Title: Sora ni Saitara/If It Flowered in the Heavens

Author: Aoi Namiko

Artist: Aoi Namiko

Genre: Drama, Historical, One Shot, Romance, Shoujo

A prostitute’s service in the red light district is coming to an end. Will she be able to return to a regular life?

Published as a one-shot on Melody magazine.


A love story of a prostitute imprisoned in sorrow.

Her beloved is a person of the past, a person beyond the gate.

Only the night sky connects him to her.


A very short piece of work but wonderful nonetheless. It’s a beautiful love story which centralises on a prostitute, not your idea of a heroine. The fact that the heroine is a prostitute just strengthens the definition of love and devotion. It reminds us of hardships and that not all is as it seems in our ideas of stereotypes.

The first thing that came into my mind is Memoirs of a Geisha, geishas aren’t prostitutes but both stories give off the same aura. Given a choice though, I’d take this love story over Memoirs. It feels like the epitome of devotion and it’s just so sweet.

This is a short read that should not be missed! It’s amazing how 2-5 minutes can make you feel an abundance of emotion.

Rating: 4.5/5

P.S If anyone had any contact with Melody magazine before, I’m interested in what you have to say^^



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2 responses to “One-Shot for the Weekend – Sora ni Saitara

  1. 😀 I’ve read this one-shot before too ❤
    I really liked it ^^

    I love how the guy is still waiting for her
    (though it would suck monkey balls if she came back and gave him STDs…)

    Glad to see you liked it too 😀

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