Spring 2011 Anime! **Updated

* 18/2/2011 – Well, I say updated but in the end I’m still getting it off moetron lol

** 20/3/2011 – Updated… Again! Same source, you know where it is =)

-arawr >=3


I might be getting ahead of myself for the next season (haven’t even watched half the anime for this season) but here’s the lineup for the 2011 Spring anime that I stumbled upon from moetron! Oh, just to note it may not be complete =P

Any favourites you spot? I’m really looking forward to Deadman Wonderland, Sket Dance and (ESPECIALLY!!!) Ao no Exorcist in particular… It’s so exciting when manga you’ve read turns into an anime! XD

Oh and just in case I really am getting too ahead of myself, here’s the lineup for the 2010/2011 Winter season as well lol. =D

Ahh… Beelzebub. So funny. I particularly liked this pic in the OP. It reflects the reason why I love this manga so blardy much XD

Till next time!

arawr >=3


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13 responses to “Spring 2011 Anime! **Updated

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  2. I just wanted to say…really like that Beelzebub shot xD

    I’ll probably end up watching these shows like years later (I’m weird like that…only now am I starting to watch stuff that came out like years ago…)
    Hope the series you watch don’t disappoint!

  3. i’m glad you enjoyed it! XDXD

    i kind of understand the way you feel – it might be better that way instead of ripping out your precious hair if u desperately want to know what happens next but you’ll have to wait a week =P

    thank you!

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  7. emysan83

    Thanks for the update~ Hmm… I suppose I see a few things on here I might give a shot. (Hen Zemi, STEINS; GATE,… maybe Ao no Exorcist) There’s a lot of continuation series of things I never saw the first series, so yeah.
    Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo looks rather intriguing! I’d like to watch that movie once it comes out ^^
    And i must say, I seriously might watch Beelzebub now JUST because of that op screenshot. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to watch it or not, but I think I do now ^^

  8. I know, Steins Gate looks really cool to me as well XD I’ve been looking at Moshidora, Hyouge Mono, The Money of Soul… there’s a lot of new shows in spring that I’m really looking forward to (Ao no Exorcist is a definite MUST for me though!! I absoulutely LOVE the manga!!)

    also looking forward to hoshi ou kodomo actually – same producers from The place promised in our early days and i heard that it was quite good =D

    haaaaaahahahahah i’m SO glad i managed to convince u to try out Beelzebub!! It’s absolutely hilarious!! Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do =D

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