Mushroom Manga~ Shinkuu Yuusetsu & Kokoro Botan

Hello sweet peas! It feels like ages since I’ve posted something! Arawr suddenly had this blogging-spurt which came out of nowhere. While she took the helm of posting, I’ve been working on the the blog layout as you can see; made a new header and created some gifs which took me AGES(still a newb). I’m trying to fully utilise the trial of my photoshop CS5 before I downgrade and use the ancient CS version(which I hope will be able to achieve 99.8% of the same results with CS5).

I’ve also been slightly pre-occupied with our side-project, Weekend Betsuender – our scanlation team which will debut with a one-shot called Natsu No Kakera by Amano Shinobu. I doubt that we’ll be able to debut soon considering that I’ll be extremely busy with university during the next two weeks.

Announcements aside, here  is my mushroom manga post:

Shinkuu Yuusetsu (真空融接)

Manga-ka: Bikke

Genre: Fantasy, School Life, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life, Romance

In this country, every person has to be matched up with a partner. Partnerships are made around when you turn three or four. The doctors decide who gets paired together. One person acts as the ‘supplier.’ The other as the ‘receiver.’ It is impossible for a ‘receiver’ to continue to live without periodically being given power from the ‘supplier.’ And in the same way, it is imperative for a ‘supplier’ that a ‘receiver’ accept some of the power generated within their body. This ‘power’ can’t be made anywhere other than inside a ‘supplier’s own body… So for the ‘receivers,’ we ‘suppliers’ are completely indispensable….


I went slightly ga-ga over reading this – correction, I went completely ga-ga. It’s the cutest thing I’ve read in a while though I haven’t been reading that much throughout these few weeks. I believe this is the first time I read something from Be x Boy magazine (or was it Be x Boy Gold?). I’ve seen these magazines constantly in stock in Japan Centre without fail and they cover serialisations in the shoujo, josei, shounen ai, and yaoi genre. So anyway, back to Shinkuu Yuusetsu, this is a terrific manga as a whole regardless of whether it’s shounen ai. It’s a first class piece of work and I’d place it right next to Seven Days – no, actually make that one step above. I really hope this gets licensed because I really need to collect this(not sure whether it ever would since it’s been 4 years since publication. I might have to get the Japanese copy instead).

The story’s concept is what will distinguish this manga from many others of it’s type. It’s an original, and I have never meant that word more than I do with Shinkuu Yuusetsu. If you’re afraid of venturing into shounen ai, this is a chance for you to experience a good one. The first chapter can easily be read as a one-shot. The first couple of pages might seem like a chore to read but it’s all explanation and background information which really in itself is quite interesting. The idea of people relying on each other as ‘supplier’ and ‘receiver’ is genius and the act of kissing to ‘re-charge’ isn’t executed in a gimmicky way just for the reader’s pleasure though I have to say it really is quite cute.

Is it family love, friendship love or romantic love? This story seems to keep that up it’s sleeve and I’m not sure whether it would be ever revealed explicitly. I told arawr to read it and she said she found it sweet but not romantic; I couldn’t tell her that I found it romantic because I don’t really know myself. I guess that’s all part of the beauty of this story, that it doesn’t matter because it is still love between people, do we really need to classify everything? (Please don’t ruin my beautiful thoughts by bringing up the subject pedophiles LOL). This manga also sort of touches upon how society judges people and I think it sort of hints to the reader the idea of global acceptance.

If I could describe this story in a couple of words, it’s a story of mutual love that does not need words to reciprocate it’s meaning. I know that maybe saying ‘I love you’ is sweet, but the thought of two people without the need of saying it somehow makes that extra special.

A very good read – and if I ever do a ‘Top 10 reads of a year post,’ this will definitely be shortlisted.


Kokoro Botan (ココロ・ボタン)

Mangaka: Usami Maki

Genre: Romance, School Life, Shoujo

During the high school entrance ceremony, Koga Eito from the special class helps Kasuga Niina from her poor health. His gentle manner captivates Niina, making her confess her feeling towards him. Thus, the trials in love of this couple begin.

As time passes, Niina finds it difficult to continue loving him since there are instances when he seems to be playing with her feelings. For her, going out with Koga may bring a grim future to her.


Apparently this manga is by a hugely popular mangaka on Betsucomi but this is the first serialisation I’ve read by her. This might be what you would call a typical high school, shoujo manga but we’ll always need them. First thing to say is that the main couple is already hooked up(they call it experimental stage but woe/evs), I guess that means everyone will pack their bags and stop reading. Well, my chums you’re missing out on something good; well at least I think so. I’d probably just talk about the characters a lot since high school shoujo manga settings are quite consistent.

The main appeal for me about this story is the hero, he is so very different! We’ve all seen that popular guy who’s gorgeous and smart, this guy’s the same too except he has this sort of a trickster of a personality. He has this air of professionalism. He makes fun of the heroine in the most intelligent way possible for his own pleasure. I guess I could compare him to Kyouya(Ouran) but he’s a lot less vicious and much more gentle. I really love his reactions because he’s experiencing a relationship for the first time too; it’s nice to see a solid character being broken down and learning new things, considering how you have no idea what he’s going to do next. The main idea of the manga is to explore the hero’s character anyway since he says “You dont’ really know me but you still want to try?”

The heroine maybe called plain but there’s this charm about her since page 1, she isn’t the ‘I’m plain but I’ll get the hero in the end’ sort of heroine. Why? Because she’s straightforward and she tries – we actually feel her chasing the dude! I just find it really cute how she tries to find out more about him!

That’s all I have to say about Kokoro at the moment, it’s fills me with sweet surprises!


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4 responses to “Mushroom Manga~ Shinkuu Yuusetsu & Kokoro Botan

  1. Shinkuu Yuusetsu seems very interesting, I want to read it but when I checked mangaupdates, the scan stop at vol 02, ch 07. Is it the last chapter of volume 2? I don’t want to read it if it’s not completely scanlated :p

    Hmm, I’ve read a few of Usami Maki manga like Koi*Oto and Caramel Milk Tea. Like her artwork but the story was average in my opinion 🙂

    • shinkuu yuusetsu is completely scanlated until the 2nd volume. they’ve got 3 volumes acc to manga updates, but the chapters are all kinda one-shot ish so they don’t end with soul-reaping cliffies if that’s what ur worried about =) (the scans grp has been kinda inactive as well so i don’t know if it’s going to pick up from where they left off)

      i hvn’t read kokoro botan either, but i did read caramel milk tea. the story was kinda average but i liked the plot and concept she set =D

  2. I’m so agree with your review about Kokoro Botan. Every time the male teases her, i was also embarrassed! My heart skip a beat… Te he he ;D
    Hey, i think im going to read Shinkuu Yuusetsu, seems cute! thx for the review~

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