Spring Anime 2011 – First Impressions So Far

First of all I JUST seriously, seriously have to share this Shinigami Zukan. It’s a few weeks old – but anyway, I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever watched in the history of Bleach =D

It’s been quite awhile since I posted anything up – and honestly speaking, that’s only because I’ve lately been picking up new manga that I can’t believe I didn’t start reading sooner (Eden no Ori, Shibatora, Kuroshitsuji, Shion no Ou, Hokenshitsu no Shinigami, Doubt, Magico, Toraneko Folklore… etc etc). I’ll probably give them a zap through sometime soon, but for now I’ll run through the Spring 2011 anime that I’ve watched so far this week – these aren’t really professional reviews, they’re just my own personal thoughts, and I’ve listed them according to my preference so far! =D

Hana-Saku Iroha

City girl boots over to countryside, where she has to work in a ryokan under her grandma since her mom ran off somewhere with her boyfriend.

It’s really weird. I thought I wouldn’t like this anime much but it ended up being my favourite for this season so far – it’s got this nice, slice-of-life feel. I don’t have a particular favourite for any of the characters but I just really, really like the way the whole story is being told. The protagonist, Ohana, is one of those pretty laid-back characters who seem unfazed by changes. She’s not as indifferent as she looks, however, and there’s just something about the way she tries to persevere that makes me want to stick around and well… keep watching.

Steins Gate

A kinda screwed in the head dude who’s obsessed with conspiracy theories, and time somehow gets thrown out of whack after he sends a message.

Man I love this main character. He’s one of those crazed ones that never fail to crack me up. And how he takes it all so seriously and everyone’s just so used to it just makes it even funnier. I don’t really get what’s going on (yet) but I like the whole parallel world – time travelling confusion atmosphere. Even if the whole thing won’t be explained in the 2nd episode, I can still live off the overreactions of that awesome dude whose name I cannot remember.

Sket Dance

An odd-job club made out of three people – goggled leader, ex-yankee girl and nerd who speaks through a computer. Their main aim is to supposedly help out students who come to them for help.

I read the first few chapters of the manga quite some time back, but I never really grew attached to it which I found kinda weird (I tend to gravitate towards Shounen Jump quite a lot). Anyway I watched the anime and… really liked it! The PV was kinda bland so I was expecting to be as unexcited for the anime as I was for the manga, but I really enjoyed the first episode so I’ll be watching out for the next.

The Epic Of ZektBach OVA

Woman with demon sword becomes demonically powerful and demonically pwns anyone in her way using a demonic dance.

I’ve always liked fantasy books, and I think this is one of the really few classic, fantasy-ish sort of stories I’ve seen in anime. It’s like those one-shot stuff – and there’s really nothing new about it, but… I don’t know. I just like it. Maybe it’s because it’s been awhile since I’ve sat down and read a good fantasy, or because there’s no over rated or overdone stuff or reactions; but anyway this was a really nice change from the usual anime pace I’m used to.

Tiger & Bunny

Something about (sponsored) superheroes in the city.

I’m honestly not feeling the whole concept of the story with the 1st episode – heroic hero saving the metropolitan city isn’t usually what I really enjoy… but. I absolutely, completely, utterly LOVE the protagonist dude. He’s some middle aged guy past his prime but he is just. Oh. So. Funny. I don’t really enjoy all the other whatnot floating around in the background, but I seriously, seriously like the protagonist. He is, hands-down, my favourite character so far for this spring. I can’t remember the last time I liked a character this much, and the ending of the 1st episode made it slightly more interesting so I’ll hang around for the second one.

X-Men 2011

Dude if you need a summary for X-Men, you are just totally out of whack.

Out of all the Marvel works, I have to say that X-Men is my favourite. The first song my bro learned on his guitar was that classic X-Men opening song. I would drag my ass out of bed on Sunday mornings to watch X-Men. So I watch it for the sake that it is X-Men. After watching 3 minutes of the anime adaption of Ironman I kinda staved off the next anime adaptation of some other Marvel work, but I think I’ll stick around and watch X-Men 2011 – and not just out of obligation for a past love, but it really does seem to be taking a turn for the interesting.

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi OVA

The uke was watching the seme in the library for x number of years, he finally confessed, they went out, and then the uke woke up from his dream about 10 years down the road.

I probably wouldn’t have bothered watching this if chungky hadn’t start introducing me to shounen-ai. Anyway I have to admit that Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is really cute. But there’s just this one part where they’re sitting in the seme’s room during the day; seme makes a move on uke… and suddenly they’re on the bed and its night time. I wonder – did they do it? Was it all foreplay until the scene change? Or did they time travel? Anyway, I read a bit of the manga before watching this and it’s quite funny – I supposed I enjoyed it so I’ll probably watch the next OVA as well.


Daily school life of a group of girls, and daily life of a robot and her creator.

I know this is adapted from a pretty popular 4-koma, but I’m not really enjoying it that much. The whole atmosphere is just too relaxing for me to find it that interesting, and the humour can make me smile but not really laugh. I might continue watching it if I have nothing else to do, but besides that… I’m definitely not going to be shitting in my pants waiting for the next episode every week. I’m not saying it’s bad – it’s just really, really not my type.

Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

They just spammed the first episode with about 30 characters. I don’t know what’s going on.

I think there are 3 main stories that revolve around 3 different guys. I nearly stopped watching after the first 3 minutes since the first main character they introduced had about 5 girls just hovering around him and it was seriously pissing me off. Then they started on another story and that one wasn’t too bad, even if the protagonist of that story was acting a bit too cool and was starting to become really annoying (the whole panty shot scene gave me the biggest WTF WOMAN GET A GRIP moment ever) but the final guy who seemed the most useless was relatively okay so I might watch it if there’s seriously nothing else to watch.

Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox

Girl time travels to the warring states era where everyone has big boobs, even Oda Nobunaga.

Now every single time I see the word ‘Sengoku’ I immediately think about Sengoku Strays (now that should be adapted into an anime). Anyway the protagonist has such a weak presence – she’s one of those girly girl high school girls who like accessories and stuff (nothing wrong with that – as long as you don’t chuck her into the shounen world I won’t get pissed off). She time-travels to the warring states era where people enjoy cosplaying. Something about Sengoku Otome (probably the boobs) reminds me of Samurai Girls – but even Samurai Girls’ not-so-interesting storyline was way better than this (Besides, the art was really pretty and the fan service didn’t look cheapish *coughHotDcough*).

Dog Days

Some baby face middle school super acrobat boy goes to some animal-human world where a super lame war is going on.

I was practically fast forwarding every 3 minutes for this one. His face seriously pisses me off. It’s a pretty kiddish show so if you like those go ahead, but I am not following this. I nearly stabbed my screen when this hugely decorated ostrich/chicken popped up. I think even PreCure would be more interesting – they’re both kiddish, but at least PreCure remains kiddish. Dog Days just has this huge wannabe feel.

And seriously. His face. Was really, really pissing me off.

Anyway that’s it from me now! I’ll spam some of my manga exploits next time =D

-arawr >=3


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10 responses to “Spring Anime 2011 – First Impressions So Far

  1. emysan83

    I think I’m definitely going to watch Steins Gate. It seems pretty awesome. Especially after you’re quickie review ^^ But I think I’ll wait for a few more episodes to build up before I start it.
    The rest look a little wishy-washy. Most of them are just not my style >.<
    Oh but great Shinigami Zukan~ It was great!

    • Hahaha I think that might actually be a wise decision XD I really hardly got what was going on in the first episode, I read the official summary and everything was revealed lol.

      I actually do agree that the rest actually are kind of wishy washy; the stories this time round aren’t anything that spectacular but I really do like the characters =D

      glad u liked the shinigami zukan!! i just found it sooo funny!! XD

  2. SHIRO-CHAN!!!!

    Haha! I am already pissed off at all the series you dropped xD As for the others though… I’m still waiting my chance to be able to watch them >_<

    • lol i tend to get really grumpy the more i don’t like an anime. first i feel like i should watch it out of obligation then i feel like i just wasted my life =_= hahahaha
      hopefully u’ll find some time during the weekend… >_> here at MW we firmly believe in the time wasting power of weekends! XDXD
      i’m also still waiting for th rest of the spring animee… ao no exorcist ftw!! XD

  3. You have a nice blog man. Especially your one shot for the weekend section. You’re a good way to find new interesting manga and some day I totally have to go out and try the ones you’ve reviewed. I have to get my nice laptop back though, icant see anything on this crappy small one.

    • thank you, so, so much =D
      ur comment really means a lot to us, we’ll try out best to continue meeting and exceeding your expectations!
      lol what i would do at home is get it all on my hard drive, hook it up to the xbox and watch it on the huge HD screen XD just a suggestion if u really can’t wait =D

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  5. Sick

    I’ve fallen in love with Tsubasa wa nai. There’s a handful of things in it that make me think it’s supposed to be a parody of everything that is ridiculous and over the top about harem anime. I enjoyed Steins;Gate, HanaSaku and to a certain extent, Nichijou but the sheer lunacy and extreme over the topness of Oretachi has got me hooked.

    • I’ve never really been a fan of harem anime (too many ppl gunning for a one guy just isn’t my cup of tea) or the sort of comedy they present; I have to admit OreTsuba wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – the story was quite okay, but I didn’t really like the characters… I’ll have faith in your thoughts though, so I’ll go try out the 2nd episode – things might get better =D
      thx for the comment! =3

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