Mushroom Manga~ Otoyomegatari & Tora to Ookami

Hi everyone! Manga Weekend has been rather quiet these two weeks, I’ve just finished all my assignments and I’m so ready for spring-break! I’ve recovered from my fatigued state so I’m hoping to post a little more though I don’t know what I’ll be blabbering on about.

This mushroom post, I present to you two stories by two very well-established manga-kas, Otoyomegatari/A Bride’s Story by Mori Kaoru(Manga-ka of Emma: A Victorian Romance) & Tora to Ookami by Kamio Youko(Manga-ka of Hana Yori Dango). It comes no surprise that when they start a new story, it will be under the care of highly capable hands.

Otoyomegatar/A Bride’s Story

Manga-ka: Mori Kaoru

Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life

A Bride’s Story tells the tale of a beautiful young bride in nineteenth-century Asia. At the age of twenty, Amir is sent to a neighboring town to be wed. But her surprise at learning her new husband, Karluk, is eight years younger than her is quickly replaced by a deep affection for the boy and his family. Though she hails from just beyond the mountains, Amir’s clan had very different customs, foods, and clothes from what Karluk is used to. As the two of them learn more about each other through their day-to-day lives, the bond of respect and love grows stronger.

-Yen Press


When I read Emma, my first comment was that it was a story that I wanted to read ever so much but it was also the story which was all to rare to find.

Emma brought real Victorian life into the spotlight with genuine accuracy, it wasn’t part of the bunch of try-hearts who tried to re-create the posh-ness of England’s Golden Age(Everyone would hate me for this but I’m thinking of Black Butler). Otoyomegatari has that same factual accuracy to it, but this time round, Mori Kaoru-sensei brings about the life and history of a place on earth that is often famous for the turbulent events on the global stage, Central Asia.

It isn’t slice of life, it’s a chunk of life, the story focuses on the normal life within the Central Asian society which makes for a very relaxing read; it could be easily compared to a documentary. The artwork is a real treat for the eye with detail prescribed to everything and it really tops off the factual and realistic feel of the manga, it deserves the top commendments and makes the manga much more facinating.

The story focuses on the main characters like any other story but it also allows great capacity of coverage for side characters as well. Whenever side characters enter the scene, everyone’s presence can still be felt and it feels as if no one is left out and I really like this aspect because it enhances the realistic feel of the manga. The interaction between characters also very well done, their emotions can be felt, its is as if life has been breathed into the characters .

It’s a well rounded piece of work that I think deserves your undivided attention.

P.S I’m glad Yen Press decided to pick this one up, it’s even going to be released in a deluxe hard-cover edition! Oh, and I really regret not getting the copies of Emma when CMX was still alive D:

Tora to Ookami

Manga-ka: Kamio Youko

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo
Mii is a BL (Boys Love) fanatic who helps her grandmother run a family restaurant. Her monotonous life is turned around when two beautiful college boys come to eat! One is the kind Tora, and the other is the snotty Ookami, who refuses to eat the restaurant’s food.

More than boy troubles, Mii needs to save the restaurant from corporate big-shots who want to renovate the area! And what role will the boys play in this?!


This story reminds me a lot of Hana Yori Dango, in fact I’m quite convince the mangaka is using the same concept! But you know it doesn’t hurt to have some repetition, I’ve watched three Hana Yori Dango live action adaptations and I’m still not sick of it. Bring on a Western adaptation! The art is signature Kamio Youko-sensei of course, it’s simple, easy on the eye and has a classic touch. It’s a refreshing change after all the intricate fluffy-ness of other shoujo manga I’ve been reading constantly.

The main characters is a trio, their relationship is the main reason why the story reminds me of Hana Yori Dango. We have Mii who’s the heroine with a spine, a happy-go-lucky Tora and the tsundere, Ookami. Makino-Rui-Domyouji anyone? Okay, I suppose Rui isn’t exacly happy-go-lucky but still.

The beginning of the story was rather entertaining and made me giggle a lot. It was a nice addition in the story to make the heroine have a deep love for BL manga but the overall impression for me was that the manga was a little flat. It felt a little too normal though I have absolutely no dispute against the execution, it’s done really well. It was like one of those story concepts which is very well-known to the audience but will still get an audience ‘type’ of story.’  I think ‘commercial’ is the right word perhaps?

But come later on in the story the relationship between the trio took a very unexpected turn(I won’t reveal it since that would spoil things rather nastily). Here came the drama, the excitement and the further expansion into forbidden relationships! It renewed my interest and I’d really like to know how the plot-line will develop from there on.

It’s a nice manga to entertain yourself when you really need it, the last thing this story will do is bore you and from the plot development I’ve read so far, I’m excited!



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7 responses to “Mushroom Manga~ Otoyomegatari & Tora to Ookami

  1. emysan83

    Ah I started to read Tora to Ookami! Unfortunately not very much had been scanned when I read it. But I definitely enjoyed what I had read so far ^^
    A Bride’s Story sounds rather interesting. And the artwork looks very detailed!

    • tora to ookami is becoming a treat xD i’m always a sucker for tsunderes becoming soft ( i didnt spoil anything did i…)
      you should definitely read a bride’s story! it brings a story thats quite rare in manga i think… :>

  2. Tora to Ookami reminds me so much of Cat Street. More then Hana Yori Dango, I think the art resembles Cat Street more. Or maybe it’s just me.

    I loved Emma! I really loved the mangaka. Her works always has this historical feel to it so it makes things more interesting. Especially since people back then are more conservative and refined.

    • i havent read cat street before, is it real good :O?

      i agree 100% about kaoru mori! i find it so awesome that the mangaka spent a lot effort to achieve the factual accuracy in her work!!!
      i remember finding out how the emma anime was suppose to hav 20+ episodes but it was cut to 13 because they spent i think more than 50% on historical research! pretty amazinggg

  3. @emysan83
    reaaaaaaaaallleh????? i’ll definitely check it out. thank you thank you! =D

  4. Otoyomegatari is soooo amazing! Probably my new favorite manga of all-time. I can’t wait for more!

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