Manga-Talk: Hana to Akuma vs. Twilight

So I found out some time back that Hana to Akuma has actually been completed. There I was wondering why it never got updated, and guess what genius? The whole ‘I-won’t-read-this-chapter-I’ll-wait-for-the-next-so-I-can-read-it-in-one-go’ strategy has quite obviously backfired.

Just to sum up Hana to Akuma, it’s about this 14-year-old girl who lives with a demon. He’s been taking care of her ever since she was in diapers coz she was abandoned in front of his huchamungous mansion, and guess what happens?

Moving on.

I never quite got why I enjoy reading it; I started following it quite early, and I would read it whenever a new chapter came out, but I never cemented an attachment to it. It was like a good passing acquaintance rather a friend, I would say. But I think that might have changed with the last chapter.

I was actually really curious about how Oto Hisamu would end the whole story. Hana to Akuma carries the whole ‘happy ending’ atmosphere from the 1st chapter all the way to its penultimate 57th one, so I seriously wondering how it would finish – she was a human with a limited lifespan, and he was a demon who would continue living for countless millennia after her.

So anyway, the spoilers (and comparison) start here so if you don’t want to read either one, you can stop reading now.

But, I mean, I would appreciate it if you didn’t. That’s why I wrote this post.

The moment I finished reading Hana to Akuma, I immediately thought about how differently the relationship issue was tackled against the stereotypical immortal(ish) x human storyline – and Twilight just had to be the classic choice.  Just before I start with the comparison, I would just like to state that I am not a Twitard and neither am I a hater. I’m taking the neutral Stephen King view on it – I don’t think Twilight is a good book, but I understand that it’s enjoyable. As long as it’s enjoyable (as stated by girls and women of all ages, and even a coupla guys), it’s good enough to be on the shelf. People read novels to have a good time, not to analyze the way writers rape the thesaurus or obliterate the English grammar.

You can argue that a demon ≠ vampire, but what I’m going to talk about here is the decisions made by  the two main characters from the respective manga and book that concerns the eternal life of one and the limited time of the other. What I’m comparing is basically the portrayal of romance in both.

So anyway Hana to Akuma’s 58th chapter ended with Hana pushing daisies at an old age. It features Vivi and Hana’s two children (and I just found it so ridiculously sweet how they are pretty much all demon except that flowers don’t wilt when they touch them), and Vivi visiting Hana’s grave.

There was a brief flashback of Vivi staying by Hana’s side as she lived her final days as an old woman, with him holding her hand. It was from that moment on that I then firmly believe that Hana to Akuma is perhaps one of the most loyally romantic reads I’ve come across – made even more so by the sort of childish atmosphere that had been sustained throughout. He stayed with her as she grew old, and she did all she could to prepare him for a life without her – they both knew he would outlive her, yet they still stayed together. Until the very end.

I’m going to compare this with Isabella Swan who felt insecure growing old unlike her Edward Cullen. Despite the fact that he was alright sparkling on without her for the next few millennia, she wasn’t and demanded to be turned into a vampire. You’ve got such a limited amount of time woman – don’t spend it complaining and wondering if he’ll love you back when you’re a wrinkle bag. While that insecurity may be realistic – it’s not very romantic.

But anyway we all knew she was going to turn into a vampire from the moment we read the summary of Twilight so there should have been minimal anxiety from the readers at this.

Hana to Akuma closes up with Vivi visiting Hana’s grave, and even if he does look a little sad he wasn’t drowning in his angst. I’m going to compare this to Mr. Edward Cullen who tried to get that Italian vampire organization thingy to kill him when he found out (thought) Ms. Swan had kicked the bucket.

Dude. Seriously?

I never found romance + death romantic. In fact, I always found it annoying. Romance + sacrifice is different, but death? It’s cowardly. It’s not cool. And it practically goes against the concept of love in the first place. Seriously, a guy committing suicide for a girl is just the epitome of un-cool.

Well in the defence of love, I suppose romance isn’t all about being cool.

I am not much of a romance fan. But there are some lovey-dovey scenes out there that can strum the strings of my stalwart, tough heart at times – and that was exactly what Hana to Akuma did. As a whole, I think the manga is just above average. One of the handful of really romance-y shoujos that I can say I find enjoyable. The ending, however, was so gently, bitterly sweet that I just had to write this post. Even if I seriously don’t have the time right now.

Hope you had a nice weekend!

-arawr >=3


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6 responses to “Manga-Talk: Hana to Akuma vs. Twilight

  1. I don’t think Twilight is a good book, but I understand that it’s enjoyable

    I’m sorry, I can’t help it. A series I like being likened to a series I loathe just sickens me.

    (I have no stupid grudges on you for that of course ^^;)

    • hahahhaha sorry about that =P
      it’s just when i saw the really sweet, simple, clean romance in hana to akuma i just had to compare it with the petty romance in twilight… when i read hana to akuma, and i put the stark comparison with twilight in my head, twilight kinda got even futher degraded because now the characters seem even cheaper than they were before -_-;

  2. I tried to stay away from everything related to Twilight, be it the novel or the movie, so I can’t really compare them. But I must agree with all your opinion about Hana to Akuma!
    Unlike you, I marathoned this series when it already ended, made me really attached to it, since I just love how the story progress and its ending.
    What makes me really satisfied is that Oto Hisamu didn’t make silly excuse to make Hana have an eternal life. The story was very realistic in my opinion, so even though Sensei gave us sad ending, I can’t bring myself to hate it. In fact, the ending was the sooo good that it always make me remember this series ^^

    • my cousin got hooked to twilight before it boomed into fame so i got dragged into the world before it included all the crazy fangirls =P

      i completely agree with your ‘no silly excuse’ thing!!! if this was a shounen manga she probably had to gather some dragonballs to stay with him, if it was a shoujo manga he would have found some special medicine for her or something but the fact that oto hisamu didn’t do that, and tackled it so brilliantly, just makes it EPIC XDXD
      I know, I think the ending was really the most realistic portrayal of the series. I’m thinking of re reading it again, maybe it’ll seem even better than it already is if I read it all in one go XD
      holi krap i just really can’t get over the endinggggggg XDXDXD

  3. emysan83

    What a great review. I’m glad you compared these two things. But really the romance in Twilight is ridiculously dramatic and full of idiotic teen angst. And even though Hana to Akuma had a childish feel throughout the entire series (because she was really young in most of it), the romance aspect was played well and was extremely realistic and simple for the ending.

    And I so agree about people dying for other people as the ultimate vow of eternal love. Sounds ridiculous to me. But hey, maybe i’m too realistic for my own good >.<

    • thanks!!
      the fact that the love was pretty childish and pg-rated throughout Hana to Akuma, yet still managed to end in such a phenomenally romantic, mature manner just make Twilight paler even further in comparison =P It’s like even though we couldn’t see it grow, you can sort of tell how their relationship had matured by the end XD

      lol to me dying for another just seems really pointless. can’t do anything when ur 6 feet under =P

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