Starry Sky – Sound Track (Japan Version) *UPDATED*

UPDATE: Several individuals have expressed interest in the Starry Sky Sound Track CD and since honeybee does not currently provide any track samples at the moment, I’ve decided to upload 3 songs’ samples and hopefully it’ll give you a taste of what to expect! Let’s all support Honeybee! Browse further in this post for the 3 song samples. I have uploaded them using SoudCloud and I’ve disabled the download option since this is copyrighted material.

Also, I’ve scanned the CD’s front & back cover as well as four pages for a little bit more quality. 


“All the time I would I think of those precious days when the seasons came around.

All of us laughed,

with lots of love for you.”*


Hey ho! I’m so happy that my YesAsia order has finally arrived after 2 whole weeks as promised!

I tweeted this one on M.W's Twitter!

I bought two items in this order which is Starry Sky’s BGM Sound Track & the Gakuen Alice Illustration Fan-book. Of course, as the post title suggests, I will be posting a few snapshots of my Starry Sky lovely in this post & I’ll cover the Gakuen Alice book in a separate post since I often confuse myself in extremely long posts(plus I get to increase M.W’s post count by cheating like this). I won’t go into a large amount of detail, just a couple of bits and pieces that I think is worth sharing.

Oh yes, forgive me for some blurry photos, photography isn’t exactly my forte and I was quite excited!

Here are some general info:

Seiza Kareshi Series : Starry Sky Sound Track – Hoshiiro Ongaku Shu – (Japan Version)

High Resolution

Release date: 2009-09-25

Company: HoneyBee

Language: Japanese

Publisher Product Code: HO-91

Package Weight: 100g



Original BGM soundtrack release from game & drama CD series “Starry Sky” featuring 35 tracks total.

Sweet memories, warm memories, the album delivers a melody for a number of  precious time spent with a particular character, including painful memories!

Note: This CD only contains the BGMs, the theme songs are NOT included. This is not the Anime’s OST CD.


Formalities done, now here is the part where I spam you with pics. You can click them for a more detailed view.

Here it is, the real thing before I eyes. It’s made with fabulous quality, the cover is made with strong card-board with a frosted finish; you know those smooth surfaces you like to run your fingers over. Hehehe.

High Resolution

The back of the wonderful cover featuring the track list, here’s the tracklist in text:

01 in Spring *
02 in Summer
03 in Autumn *
04 in Winter *
05 for the Capricorn *
06 for the Aquarius
07 for the Pisces
08 for the Aries
09 for the Taurus
10 for the Gemini
11 for the Cancer *
12 for the Leo
13 for the Virgo *
14 for the Libra
15 for the Scorpio
16 for the Ophiuchus *
17 for the Sagittarius *
18 A sound of the Sun
19 A sound of the Mercury *
20 A sound of the Venus *
21 A sound of the Earth *
22 A sound of the Moon *
23 A sound of the Mars
24 A sound of the Jupiter *
25 A sound of the Saturn *
26 A sound of the Uranus
27 A sound of the Neptune *
28 A sound of the Pluto *
29 A sound of the Star *
30 One shooting star *
31 Tears of the Polestar *
32 Wonderful night *
33 Galactic dream *
34 Name of the Constellation *
35 Under the Starry☆Sky *

*ones with an asterisk are my favourites, which is quite a lot of them Lol.


Track Samples

Track 11 – for the Cancer

Track 31 – Tears of the Polestar

Track 33 – Galactic dream

There’s a little booklet with more details, it’s intergrated with the CD cover which is a nice touch, don’t have to worry about losing those album booklets with all those extra info.

The next two pages.  Features conversations between characters of the within their respectable Starry Sky seasons.

The remaining pages are still more conversations but only the characters that are related to a particular song is adding their comments. By the way if you zoom into Yoh Tomoe’s pic he’s having a onigiri, it’s SUPER CUTE. I almost fainted. May the heavens help me.

Some pages that I’ve scanned for more quality. Sorry, I didn’t clean the gutter. ^_^;

The last page of the little guide has some words from the Starry Sky composer & producer & credits to the staff who made this wonderful CD become possible! Thank you!!!

This is what the CD looks. That’s Kazuki Shiranui who represents Aries, he’s the conductor since he’s the student council president in Starry Sky.


Overall, I’m quite happy with the product! I think you’ll have to really love the Starry Sky’s BGM in the game if you want to get this(sorry, pointing out the obvious). It’s a good collectable item for fans and it allows players of the game to remember those moments/feelings in game just by listening to the music without having to go through the game again. In my Starry Sky In Spring game review(which you can refer back here), I emphasised my love for the music and I think it’s the strongest aspect of Starry Sky as a whole.It’s quite a downer that they didn’t include all the theme songs of the Starry Sky compilation, they’re all available on separate OST CDs. I’ll definitely be listening to my copy this week(a lot) since it’s all instrumental and it’ll be perfect in helping me concentrate of my freaking assignments which I need to complete by this week! Ugh!

I got my copy from which retailed at £15.38 after the US Dollar conversion rate. I found it a little pricey but I think the majority of the Starry Sky budget was allocated to the sound and music so I suppose its okay for them to extort this amount of money from me. Hehehe. I bought the Gakuen Alice Illustration book with it and qualified for free shipping so I can’t comment about the shipping costs. I think carries this item too. Anyways, I’ll see y’all(not literally) in the next post where I’ll cover the Gakuen Alice book!

*got this from the Official HoneyBee website, I tried correcting the sentence a bit with my personal interpretation. I love the line!

Here are some helpful links!

Official Starry Sky Sound Track page on honeybee!

Starry Sky Sound Track on YesAsia!

Starry Sky Sound Track on!

Starry Sky Sound Track on!


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24 responses to “Starry Sky – Sound Track (Japan Version) *UPDATED*

  1. Nyttah

    Do you know what is the name of the music, that is the ending of the anime “Starry sky”? I am searching everywhere….

  2. Nyttah

    Thanks for the reply Chungky!!!! I will look for this song right now. I love the instrumental!!!!
    See ya!


  3. Nyttah

    Hum….Chungky…. Could you please send me the track? I only find the opening theme!
    Sorry to bothered you….
    Thanks for your atention!!! (=O___O=)
    (and sorry for my poor english….aff)

  4. Nyttah

    Thanks so much!!!! That was fast!!! I will put on my cel. phone.
    Your site is already one of my favorites!

  5. Ahm… may I know? Is there a site in which I could download the soundtracks?

  6. Ahw… thanks anyways ^^

  7. Petal

    i was wondering if you know the name of the background music that plays when the credits roll when you finish the starry sky in spring game?

  8. Night Rain

    Is there any way or any site where I can listen to samples? I am considering on getting it early if I like the majority of the songs but I haven’t played through the whole game of spring yet.

    • hi!
      i went onto the honeybee site and they did not offer any samples at the moment 😦 i’m not sure where else you’re able to find them since it’s rather new to the english speaking community…
      i thought i’d upload some song samples but it took me a bit of time so I only did 3 at the moment ^_^;;; i might try uploading some more but i can’t guarentee…
      hope you enjoy the rest of the game!

      • Wow, I posted that 6 months ago. I still haven’t finished the game but I see that you put some samples up!! I love the melodies and because of that I think I’m going to go buy the soundtrack (even though I said I would back in April but now I’m more sure of it). Thank you.

  9. hello 😀 umm do you know where i can download the starry sky game OST? ive found the ost for the anime but cant find anything for the game ><;;;

    or can you try to upload the entire album somewhere? that'd be great


  10. Um… I hoped this helped? 😀 <not sure if this is legal because I only found this and it doesn't state the copyrights and such.

    I did find a website where they were able to get the "some rights reserved" so I guess it would be better to get it here xD
    (BTW this is in JAPANESE)
    Go to the blue box. (It's right below the description)

    There will be 3 links.

    click the first link and it will download this downloader automatically

    Install the downloader

    Now click the second link and your browser should give you the option to open it with the downloader you just installed 😉

    then there it will download 😀 It's like bit torrent and is in english so no worries!

    then voila! you're done. Hope this helped you and people who kept asking.

    • kapanihan

      Thank you so very, very, very much. I was about to go nuts because I couldn’t find a certain song I was craving for the whole day (I was rampaging throughout youtube because the uploader didn’t upload the whole album and I was getting impatient xD;)
      I greatly appreciate it and I just wanted to express my gratitude even if this was posted a couple of months back!

      So again. THANK YOU (also towards the poster who made this possible and gave full review with supporting images. I was happy to see that this CD was even available at all. ^_^)

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