Mangaka of the Month – Kure Yuki

Kure Yuki 




Name: Kure Yuki

Date of Birth: December 4th

Hometown: Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Yuki Kure made her debut in 2000, with the story Chijo yori Eien ni (Forever from the Earth), published in monthly LaLa magazine. She was born on December 4th, and is from Chiba prefecture. La Corda d’ Oro is her first manga series published. Her hobby is watching soccer games and collecting small goodies (fancy goods).


Kure provided the character designs for the third Neoromance series by Koei, La Corda d’Oro. A month after the game’s release, she began the serialization of her first series, a manga adaptation of the game. In an interview with Hakusensha, she noted that she was previously studying the piano, which she found refreshing. She has also expressed interest in playing other musical instruments like the cello, bassoon and tuba. In regards to her art, she revealed that she finds it difficult to draw Tsukimori from La Corda D’Oro but draws with ease with characters like Hihara and young girls. She notes that Reiko Shimizu, Natsumi Itsuki, Kyōko Hikawa and other LaLa mangaka are her influences when she’s drawing manga.



そのまんまでいこう | Chijō Yori Eien ni/Forever From This World (Published in Lala DX 2000/03)

地上より永遠に | Sono Manma de Ikō/Let’s Go As We Are (Published in Lala DX 2000/01)

明日はじまる恋のために | Ashita Hajimaru Koi no Tame ni/For Love Will Begin Tomorrow (Published in Lala DX 2000/09)

Ever After (Published in Lala DX 2000/11)

Another World (Published in Lala DX 2001/05)

とびっきり!| Tobbikiri!/Marvelous! (Published in Lala DX (Published in Monthly Lala 2001/10)

あしたはきっと金色の… | Ashita wa Kitto Kin Iro no…/Tomorrow It’ll Be Golden… (Published in Monthly Lala 2002/04)

心日和恋模様 | Kokoro Hiyori Koi Moyō/Love’s Weather Patterns (Published in Lala DX 2002/07)

ファーストステップ?| First Step?!  (Published in Lala DX 2002/09)

Completed Works

金色のコルダ | Kin’iro no Corda/La Corda d’Oro(The Golden String) 

Serialised from October 2003 in Monthly Lala


 Best Rookie in the 93rd LaLa Mangaka Scout Course (LMS) for her work which made her debut, Sono Manma de Ikō (そのまんまでいこう?).
Best Newcomer in the 24th Hakusensha Athena Newcomers’ Awards for her work, Chijō Yori Eien ni.
Outstanding Award in the 29th Hakusensha Athena Newcomers’ Awards for her work, Kin’iro no Corda.


We’ve literally just entered May but here is our April’s mangaka of the month! Sorry for the late update. We chose Kure Yuki as April’s mangaka’s of the month because the great La Corda D’Oro has come to an end on the May issue of Lala this year. From an Otome game, to an anime and manga adaptation, we like to commemorate and thank Kure Yuki-sensei for 8-years of charming fans with her with group of attractive and musically talented males. We hope for many more works to come! I’m quite interested in what Kure Yuki-sensei will come up with next, she hasn’t released any other short series or one-shots ever since she started La Corda D’Oro. Would be lovely to see her artwork with different characters next time round! By the way, I’ve got my copy of Lala 6 a couple of days ago and it revealed that there will be a special chapter of La Corda D’Oro in Lala’s 7th issue(July)!!!

Have a wonderful May everyone!

P.S I couldn’t get hold of any pictures of her older work which is understandable considering they were all published in the beginning of the millenium…


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7 responses to “Mangaka of the Month – Kure Yuki

  1. La Corda ~
    I’m looking forward to that bonus chapter 8D I want me some kissy kissy!

  2. bikachama

    aah ~ I really like the mangaka’s art .. I think I’ll have to start with La corda D’oro ^^

  3. I really like her art but I didn’t like la Corda that much.

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