One-Shot for a Weekday ~ Kaze no Yubiwa to Hikari no Udewa

 Kaze no Yubiwa to Hikari no Udewa  | The Ring of Wind and the Bracelet of Light


Manga-ka: Kawase Natsuna

Genre: Fantasy,  Romance,  Shoujo,  Supernatural

Our heroine is a girl who was born with magical power, and can give that power to magic users, since magic users don’t have power on their own. But her teacher sealed her power with a ring and a bracelet. She’s travelling to a sacred temple in order to take off the ring and the bracelet, but on the way, she meets two magic users who saves her from those who attempt to steal her money, ring, and bracelet. Although she’s determined to not trust magic users, she ends up travelling with them…What fate awaits this trio?


I didn’t have time to post a one-shot for the weekend so I decided to post a one-shot for the week-day. Yes, I’m so very creative. I’ve read a few beautiful one-shots recently but most of which were scary or sad. This is a one-shot for a week-day so I thought I’d better select something more cheery and one with some kind of hope or sense of adventure to give your week-day a boost since they’re commonly associated with work.

Here, I present to you a light fantasy one-shot. While initial thoughts might include something about an angsty love triangle, the story rebutts that claim to produce an atmosphere you wish would never end. What I refer to personally by that, is stories that have that care-free atmosphere which is often found in adventure stories. That feeling you get when the boss has just been beaten or maybe something’s been resolved and you just want the characters to live on peacefully in happiness and watch them live in happiness. This one-shot gives me that very feeling. The story itself focuses on the heroine’s mind-set of not wanting to trust magicians and how these two young men prove her wrong. The art is simple and charming which adds to the easy-going pace of the story. A nice fun fantasy with that feeling of together-ness.

Rating: 3.7/5


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4 responses to “One-Shot for a Weekday ~ Kaze no Yubiwa to Hikari no Udewa

  1. I like Kawase Natsuna’s artwork, but her story usually fall on average category xD I wonder if this one was an exception or not 😀

    • i haven’t read a lot of her stuff but her artwork is appealing ^_^.
      i wouldnt say that this story was amah-zing but it was a pleasant read 🙂

  2. emysan83

    seems rather interesting~ It seems like something that they should have made longer… maybe just 1 or 2 volumes or something. But that is one epic synopsis ^^

    • yes it does haha. it would definitely be nice to watch them continue their journey but restrain the romance please…im quite happy it didnt go through the love triangle route or i might slap myself.
      i couldnt pick between both if the heroine was forced to choose so i thought the way it ended was quite appropriate.

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