Summer Anime 2011! *Updated

*6/6/2011: Updated! As usual, all credits go to moetron – it’ll also be more reliable to get the updates from there so go check it out from time to time =)

Btw Nyanpire the Animation looks too bloody cute to be true


Hello my dearies! How’s all the Spring Anime 2011 holding up for you? Sucks? Neutral? Absolutely mind-blasting? Well whatever it is, once more we can look forward to the next season’s lineup – Summer 2011!

This lineup isn’t complete, it’s just what’s been announced so far. And, as usual, I just rip it off moetron lol

Let’s see…. I know Chungky is suuuuper looking forward to Natsume Yuujin-Chou San, and I myself am really excited for Usagi Drops (highly recommended slice-of-life manga!) I’ve also been pretty curious about Blood-C ever since I heard of it a couple of months back, especially since its a new anime by CLAMP.

I seriously can’t wait for the Air Gear OAD either – Air Gear’s one of the awesomest reads I’ve come across, and when it’s all animated and everyone’s jumping all over the place… Wheeeeeeeeee….. XD

There’s quite a lot of movies I am seriously digging as well – Heart no Kuni Alice and FMA: Milos no Seinaru Hoshi in particular… Gahhh we we we so excitedddd..!!

Well looks like this won’t be a boring summer at least =D

Howz bout yo faves? XD

-arawr >=3

Btw I’ll be taking a backseat to the blogging front while I’m preparing for my exams, so allow chungky to accommodate you until the end of May =3 


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11 responses to “Summer Anime 2011! *Updated

  1. For spring, me only watch AnoHana, so far it’s GOOD!! 😀
    For summer, I’m looking forward..
    -Kamisama Dolls: so excited about this one! Already read the manga until vol 2, and so far it’s pretty good (yeah, with all that bloody scene, of course I’m in :D)
    -Blood-C: same reason, because it’s CLAMP =D
    -NuraMago season 2: well, I just hope DEEN will improve the quality since they kinda mess up with season 1 -_-

    For the movie, I also looking forward to FMA and Heart no Kuni no Alice, especially FMA!! The trailer looks good 😀

    • I love AnoHana! It started quite good but it just keeps getting better! XD You should try out Hanairo if you liked AnoHana – the story isn’t the same but they’ve both got the slice of life-ish genre if that’s what you like =D

      I read the NuraMago manga, but I kinda stopped somewhere in the middle of the Kyoto arc o_O it was nice, but for some reason I ended up not following it… don’t know much about the anime though.. worth a watch?

      I know!! Can’t wait!! XD

      • Well, if you didn’t follow the manga, I bet you might not like the anime. The only strong point of Nuramago anime is FukuJun who voiced Rikuo lol

  2. Good! I’m out of animes to watch. All the Spring animes are pretty much neutral for me. I need new animes to watch.

    • Hahaha that was fast XD Hmm… I suppose the spring animes are kinda limited in the sense that they aren’t very varied – I like most of them, but just realised a majority are shounen =S

      hope the summer turns out better for you! and this isn’t even the completed list so that might be something really interesting coming up! =D

  3. Every season I tell myself I’m going to get into one of those semi-pornographic ecchi series and every season I end up not being bothered to download the damn thing

    • Lol I think this spring that’ll prolly be 30-sai and sengoku otome. 30-sai is pretty short since it comes in 10 minute episodes, and if you don’t mind a lack of point or direction you could go ahead and watch sengoku otome… =P
      as for summer anime right now the only ecchi series I see is Manyuu Hikenchou.. if you’re too lazy to download them you could just try watching them online =3

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