Kuroshitsuji – Elizabeth (Chp 57 Spoilers)

I don’t know what the Kuroshitsuji fandom thinks of Elizabeth – honestly it’s partly because I’m a little afraid to look into that world, where I know there’s a spamming of Ciel x Sebastian fans. Not that I have anything against them, but yaoi/shounen-ai in manga that isn’t yaoi/shounen-ai just feels kinda. Weird.

Anyway. Elizabeth. Ciel’s betrothed, little hyperactive blonde girl whose character type would usually grate on my nerves. But for some odd reason, I never minded her presence. I liked her as much as I like most of the characters in the manga, but with chapter 57 that neutral sort of like might have just actually turned into a like sort of like.

Pretty dresses, permed blonde hair, and an obsession for cute stuff – that pretty much sums up Elizabeth (or Lizzy, I suppose, as she insists on being called). Her thinking is pretty shallow, and the world seems to be divided into cute or not cute. She does everything to try and appeal to Ciel, and I suppose I really start to see it with this chapter.

SPOILERS START HERE, so if you don’t want to continue….

So I think with all the recent happenings, I might really start shipping for Ciel x Elizabeth. The latest arc has Ciel attempting to protect her, even if he wasn’t exactly the most physically capable character we’ve seen (It’s almost a dead ringer for Lelouch – kinda pathetic physique, quite the diabolical mind and certain optic powers). Chapter 57 opened with a real nice Ciel x Elizabeth sort of relationship buildup from the previous chapter, and I have to say I got more than a little pissed when Sebastian interrupted with a Ciel x Sebastian moment (“I know how to ruin the mood coz I’m one hell of a butler!”) 

Dear Toboso Yana, I know you have a history of yaoi and all but don’t trample over my Ciel x Lizzy moments just because of thattttt…. T^T Besides me rooting for Lizzy, it was also kinda redundant to have Sebastian treat Ciel like a princess. Wouldn’t have minded it so much if only it didn’t ruin that lovely vibe between Ciel and Lizzy… oh whatever…

Anyway, summing it up, it turns out that Ms. Elizabeth here is approximately around 100x more capable than Ciel – on the battlefront, that is – where she literally pwns anything that gets in her way using her fencing skills. I wasn’t that surprised seeing her whip out her saber; in fact, I was kinda wondering why she wasn’t slashing it all around after her family was introduced whacking all the undead things. But anyway, it was kinda cool. And her reasoning behind hiding her skills? She just wanted Ciel to think she was cute, no matter the circumstance.

Okay, so I do admit that I do find it really shallow – but at the same time I find it really kinda sweet. Lizzy is a sheltered girl, and what she knows of her duties would be mainly to serve her husband, so she does all she can to be liked by Ciel. She can be bratty about it and all, but in the end she is a cosseted 12 year old girl. So we’ll let her have her fun. In any case, she knew when to not cross the line, e.g. when she’s about to be devoured by the undead. Good job Lizzy!

The whole ‘SURPRISE! IN TRUTH I’M SUPER POWERFUL!!‘ sort of surprise isn’t actually so surprising anymore. I mean, the whole Phantomhive household has some sort of super power to swat away intruders when none seem capable of doing proper housework, and even Madam Red had her whole Jack the Ripper gig. Next thing you know, the Queen’s gonna pull out a bazooka from behind her skirts. Or she could be all graceful about it and just take a tiny atom and split it for tea.

Then again, my liking for Lizzy might be greatly aided by the fact that she’s a girl wielding a sword – and she knows how to use it (knowing how to use a sword does not apply to characters such as Inuyasha). I just find those sort of female characters that know how to fight really cool – Kasane from Sengoku Strays, Shura from Ao no Exorcist, Maka from Soul Eater, Aoi from Beelzebub…. etc. etc. etc. It’s not just that the girl can stand up and fight for herself – I’m not much of a feminist, but it’s nice to see them being treated as an equal threat in battle manga rather than some prissy girl that can deal some sort of damage.

With all that said and done, despite me rooting for Lizzy’s love, we all know it’s not gonna happen since Ciel’s soul’s gonna get eaten or something some time in the (not too?) distant future. On the other hand, we all know that it Ciel x Sebastian isn’t gonna explicitly happen either. It’s got all the touching, the tension, the ‘yes, my lord’ and all that jazz, but it’s still not a straight out BL manga. So it’s not gonna straight out happen. But that’s alright for all the fans, seeing as the fujoshi community has more than enough imagination and talent for doujins, fan fiction and whatever else they can come up with. O3O

Oh well. This was a nice rant for a lazy day. =D



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13 responses to “Kuroshitsuji – Elizabeth (Chp 57 Spoilers)

  1. Wow, so Lizzy can kick ass :O
    I’m still on volume #4 (volume #5 was released in English here recently so I need to grab that here soon ~) so I have no real opinion of her thus far, because the only reason I’m reading the series is for Sebastian – he entertains me too much xD

    “I know how to ruin the mood coz I’m one hell of a COCKBLOCKER!” (I fixed it :P)

    • i supposed she was the least suspect among all the other ‘SURPRISE I’VE GOT DA PAWAHH!’ charas since u wouldn’t really think lizzy needed the sword slashing in her life =3 i suppose lizzy stays out of a lot of ppl’s radar since she doesn’t seem to do much – i think this is the most i’ve seen of her since…. ever? (in the manga-verse, at least)

  2. I was annoyed at Lizzy at first…. but began to appreciate her when I learned how much she loves Ciel.. and that was before she revealed her kickass side. Now that she has, she has just become my favorite female in the series xD

    Too bad… Ciel x Lizzy doesn’t seem likely unless Ciel’s soul still won’t be taken till he gets super old =/

    • hahaha she was too much of a back ground character for me to like or hate, but you only really get to know her through the way she feels about Ciel – which is really sweet XD
      awhh well i still have my hopes for Ciel x Lizzy. i live to hope =P

  3. that cuteness, I’m sure he loves lizzy, I hate yaoi, you will draw a doujinshi, I have to do it!, ciel x lizzy XD

  4. Yukki

    Haha! I’ve read the first season, but I haven’t read the second. I love reading spoilers because it gets me to look forward to a part. Like the spoiler I read about the SebastianxCiel kissing scene. I’m looking forward to that, along with the whole Lizzy kicking ass thing.

  5. Frida

    Though the whole shallow cutesy thing is kind of appropriate. I mean, they are in the late 1800s. In that age, for a woman, being cute is much more desirable than being badass, no matter what we, the fandom, who probably has never dual wielded swords, think.

    Not that it wasn’t awesome.

  6. MissCountessDracula

    I really like CielxLizzy but i kinda hate CielxSebastian…LizzyxCiel is AWESOME XD

  7. What episode is Elizabeth fighting the bizarre dolls?

  8. hey everybody! I’m just wondering… What episode is Elizabeth fighting? With swords?

    • Fiya

      Chapter 56-59 ^U^ read 61 too, to know how she really feels and her REAL thoughts (the cuteness stuff could be said was not her real self, but something she does for Ciel~ Yes. The girl’s obsessed with ‘Cute’ CAUSE OF CIEL !!

  9. I’ve wanted Ciel and Lizzie to be together from the start. I know sebastian is cute and all, but in to be honest he looks like a Pedophile. I have no thing against Yaoi. Heck I even read some. Just that Ciel and Sebastian are not the same age. Sebastian looks like an 27 year old, while Ciel would still looks like a child. So I prefer CielxLizzie and thats only because she’s his age and can bear children for him.

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