Art of Animation: ‘Watch Me Move: The Animation Show’ at the Barbican Centre, London

Exciting news for Londoners and visitors! I didn’t get this news until I was watching BBC on the telly the other day.

There’s an Animation exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery from 15th of June to 11th of September. It’s one of the largest animation exhibitions featuring more than 100 years of history.

I condensed most of the information into this:

For the first time, there is an exhibition set to bring a whole variety of works featuring a history of over 100 years of animation. Many popular artists, film-makers and studios such as Walt Disney, Pixar and Studio Ghibli will be represented. I’m particular excited about Studio Ghibli since most of their work are my favourite movies!

You’ll also be able to discover the history of Japanese manga! (Emphasising this since we’re a manga blog!) This is so something not to be missed in you’re around in the U.K especially when you’re in London!!! You also get to check out storyboard drawings, stage sets and other cool behind the scenes material.

Definitely check out the Barbican website for more detailed information! Lots of movies will be screening and you can book tickets online. I’m particularly gutted that I can’t watch ‘The Borrower’s Arriety’ since I’ll be away from the U.K by the end of this month(it’s showing in July). Boohoo!

This is their promotion video:

These are the prices:


Standard £10 online/£12 on the door
Concessions £7 online/£8 on the door
Secondary school (groups of ten or more) £6
12-17s yrs £6 online/£7 on the door
Under 12s free


Open daily 11am-8pm (except Wed until 6pm and Sat 10am-8pm)
Thu until 10pm


Barbican Centre,
Silk St, London,
Greater London,
EC2Y 8,
United Kingdom

Website: Barbican.Org

The Barbican Centre is open daily and free of admission fee. The place is huge and there are tons of other events going on.

I’ll be making my way to the gallery sometime by the end of this week or early next week! I hope I can try cover the experience in a post after my visit!

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2 responses to “Art of Animation: ‘Watch Me Move: The Animation Show’ at the Barbican Centre, London

  1. 8D How cool!
    This hill billy town has nothing like that going on here…le sigh ~

    Looking forward to your post about your experience there x3 (pictures would be lovely <3)

    • i went at the beginning of the week. it wasnt as large as i thought it would be but it was a nice exhibition! just so gutted i cnt watch all the animation movies that they’re screening everyday! i couldnt take any photos D: it was prohibited, prob since we need to pay an admission fee

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