Figurine – Natsume Yujincho 1/8 Scale Pre-painted PVC Figure: Natsume Takashi by Alter

Product name: Natsume Yujin-Cho 1/8 Takashi Natsume Complete Figure

Manufacturer: Alter

Product Line: Altair

Original Title: Natsume Yujincho (Natsume’s Book of Friends)

Character(s): Natsume Takashi & Madara (Nyanko-sensei)

Copyright: Midorikawa Yuki, Hakusensha

Sculptor: Naoto Moriwaki & Mirano

Specifications: Complete Pre-painted PVC Figure
Size: appx. 180mm (1/8 scale)
Includes base

Release Date: 07/2010

Original Price: 7140 Yen (including tax)

From the heart-rending, nostalgic anime Natsume’s Book of Friends comes a beautiful new 1/8 scale statue of Takashi Natsume himself! Takashi, a boy born with a natural ability to see spirits, is posed on a super-detailed 3D base along with his companion, the spirit Madara, or Nyanko-sensei. Depicted taking it easy in a natural setting, everything from the ripples of the water (created with clear materials), to the moss on the tree have been faithfully reproduced. You can even detach the kimono Takashi has over his shoulder for more display possibilities.


Wooohooo! My first ever figurine and it’s marvelous I say! Extremely happy & very satisfied! I’ve scanned the front box cover (the first pic) and other illustrations on the box since they’re gorgeous and I’m sure you’ll all love them!

It’s real stunning! The illustration just captures the wistful & nostalgic atmosphere in Natsume Yujincho!

I had no idea when it was released but I only discovered this figurine recently and with the discounted price at HobbyLink(4420 Yen), I HAD to get it. It was a good price considering everywhere else was retailing at USD 100 + but I got taxed by the U.K customs and I had to pay a handling fee as well which was nasty!

Here’s the box and the full figurine! No need to assemble it and its pre-painted.

Natsume Takashi!!!

The front of the box. The entire packaging has a smooth frosted finish which is very nice but it’s quite prone to bruising.

The back of the box.

The side of the box.

You can flip the front of the box to unveil Natsume trapped inside! The flap has a magnet in place so that it secures its place when it’s down so that’s pretty neat.

The lovely illustration on at the back of the flap:

And here it is! Natsume protected in clear plastic!

Oh, hello there Takashi(only i get to call him that please, don’t fight with me xD).

Looking good Takashi.

So, I guess you want your packaging to be removed now don’t ya. Not a euphemism(love this line).

One layer of packaging removed and here is Takashi and Nyanko-sensei.

This is the boring part of the product, and yes! His kimono is removable!

Ahhh, I can’t get over how gorgeous this figurine is! It’ll look so good on display! It’s most definitely a very unique figurine with the degree of detail on the sculpting side.

Back shot:

It’d probably be cool-er to position him under some night sky to re-create the illustration though.

With the kimono:

Here’s a base & foot shot for those with a fetish for feet. I really like how it’s done, the  base has a nice clear coat of shine to reflect light to mimic water. The grass is slightly transparent to create this glow when light in shone through it. Very mystical.

A few close-ups.

I think I would like a few more details in the shading of colour and a bit more structure on the face. Regardless, it’s still very nice and I read somewhere that his facial expression is almost Mona Lisa-like which I would totally agree. I guess it’s part of its beauty!

There’s this ambiguity about Natsume Yujincho that his face captures, is Natsume really happy? Is he happy but carry feelings of restraint?

The figure really looks very personal and very touching, just like the story.

Another shot of the base.

Flash for a detail shot of the kimono! I love how the kimono is black but the design and colour of the flowers are so vibrant. Wonderful contrast and it just really makes a statement!

Close-up of the cause of all joy and sadness. The book of friends!

Nyanko-sensei deserves a solo too! Only one though, I have enough of him from all the Lala magazine freebies.

A few more shots against a clear background.

His pose is perfect. So relaxed but with stature.

Placed it on top of a Lala DX magazine. It was where you were born Natsume!

Underneath the figurine shot.

Last photo – Natsume & Nyanko-sensei gaze out of the window.

Overall, extremely happy with the product! It has the soul of Natsume and it creates the atmosphere of the story wherever I place it. High quality, limited edition, beautiful and it’s mine. If you guys are Natsume Yujincho fans, this is a MUST-HAVE. I repeat, its limited edition! This will be a very Natsume Yujincho infused summer! I’m hoping to write a few posts about the Anime from season 1, then I can catch up onto Natsume Yujincho San which will air so VERY SOON. Excitement!

If you’re looking for more photos, especially Pro ones with the whole background going on here’s a link to of the product.

Til’ next time time me folkies!


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4 responses to “Figurine – Natsume Yujincho 1/8 Scale Pre-painted PVC Figure: Natsume Takashi by Alter

  1. x3 yay ~ you posted pictures ~ and so many too ❤
    This figurine looks beautiful 8D
    The cat on the end of the tree kind of freaks me out though (his smile totally says "I'M STEALING SOME BABY SOULS TONIGHT!") XD
    Thanks for the post ~

    • YESSS. im EXTREMELY happy with the product, its the 1st figurine i ever got so im quite over-excited xDDD
      its such a gorgeous one, i think non-natsume yujincho fans will also appreciate it ❤

      HAHA. he does hav a pedo vibe xD

  2. Keito

    Nice!! XD
    Madara(the cat) is so cute! I love this anime!

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