Autumn/Fall Anime 2011 Chart!

So previously I had a post on some autumn/fall anime 2011, but we all like the little charts where everything is picture-pretty and straight to the point with no excessive talking =P I found one on neregate, and it’s more up to date than my last post so check it out!

Anyway, to give my old post a bit of boost and glory, there’s quite a few PVs and links to the original sources and websites there… Even if you do have to scroll down a little more than the lovely concise chart here.

Most of what I have to say for this autumn is already in the other post (hint hint nudge nudge) so I’ll refrain from talking much more here – although one thing I really have to repeat is how much more appealing the autumn looks compared to the summer lineup. Oh well.

Man, do I know how to be annoying or what 

Btw is it just me or is the summer spamming with moe!??!?! XDXD


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15 responses to “Autumn/Fall Anime 2011 Chart!

  1. emysan83

    I’m none to excited for this upcoming season… don’t see too much that i’m super thrilled about. I’ll definitely watch Chihayafuru though. You sold me at “worth your time whether you have it or not” ^^

    • yayyy!! XD it’s really worth it, and I think it’s the type that you’ll enjoy =D

      tomphile’s right, it’s still pretty early so there’s a whole lot more autumn anime that’ll be revealed later on. Hopefully something will catch your interest! I’ll keep updating till then =D

  2. Well, there’s going to be more shows revealed later on.

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  4. emysan83

    Ahh yeah, that’s true. I didn’t consider that! Well hopefully there will be a little more for me personally! But i’m sure some of these shows will be great too ^^
    Looking forward to more updates~

  5. tsuyuki

    when will deadman wonderland come back?!! UGHH i want to watch it already!! but i can’t wait to watch Persona 4! 😀

    • haha it’s nice to see your enthusiasm for deadman XD I’ve read the manga, but’ve yet to watch the anime. From your comment I’m supposing it’s worth my time? =D

      From what I’ve been seeing so far here and there, Persona 4 seems to be one of the top anticipated new series for the season. I never played the game before but now everyone’s got me hyped up for it lol

  6. fuck yea shakugan no shana III, nd i think high school of the dead 2 are gunna be the must watch for me

  7. Anonymous

    Would you care to add info on which TV channel/slot airs what, e.g. Fuji TV, noitaminA

  8. At last fate stay night prequel.. i been waiting for this since high school >..<……

  9. I have high hopes for un-go~

  10. Mori Chan

    You know,Hotarubi no mori e is a really beautiful movie that is worth watching! It is so touching and beautiful!

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