2NE1TV LIVE: WORLDWIDE Premieres on MNET July 17th!

Hello everyone! MARK YOUR DATES.

We have something special to share with you today about an upcoming reality TV show –  ‘2NE1TV LIVE: WORLDWIDE’  about the hawt Korean Pop-Group 2NE1 which will premiere on Mnet, the ultimate TV network on for Asian Culture.

Debuting in 2009 with their song ‘Lollipop’, 2NE1 (CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy) skyrocketed to fame after they featured in LG’s Cyon phone ad. They’ve only been building up on their fame ever since then, with every single one of their songs hitting the top charts in South Korea and abroad. Ever busy, they’re currently recording a song with will.i.am, and even have a new album coming out this summer!

 Check out the teaser video below of the upcoming reality show!

So to all you Blackjacks out there, don’t miss this rare chance to catch the world premier of 2NE1TV LIVE: WORLDWIDE exactly one week from now at 8PM ET/PT, only on MNET! You’ll get the rare opportunity to stalk 2NE1 24/7 without having to move and not get arrested by the police. Catch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage as they record their new album (released this summer), and watch as they trample all over the world in their bling bling boots from the US to Korea.

You can also listen to their latest track, “Can’t Nobody” in a Korean and English version in HD on YouTube!

Click here to check out the English Version!

 The show will also feature album producer Teddy, Big Bang (T.O.P, GD, Taeyang, Daesung, Victory) and South Korean music influencer Yang Hyun-Seok (aka YG). It’ll only be airing for 10 very special weeks so be sure to not miss out on it!

They’ll be breaking into the music scene in Japan this September, and who knows? They could be singing one of the OPs or EDs for one of your autumn/fall anime this year 😉


Do head to their facebook page here! Become a fan and check it out for detailed information. You can find the Official Press Release here.

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 Let’s spread the word & don’t miss out, only on:

All media is courtesy of MNET.

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