Mushroom Manhwa(Webcomic) – Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade | 오렌지 마말레이드

Title: Orange Marmalade

Author & artist: Seok Woo

Genre: School life, Supernatural, Romance,

Status: Ongoing

The story of a female vampire trying to live a normal school life, but what happens when she bites the school’s most popular boy?

Published online by Naver.


Good heavens! When did I last write up a post? Minus the magazine coverage and one-shots of course. And anything anime related. Just came back from a short trip, hence the empty days on the blog. I’m so happy to have internet again and air-conditioning!

I have no idea why this story is called Orange Marmalade, I probably just don’t get it or I missed the part where they actually explained but I’m sure it has some reason/meaning behind it. In any case, this webcomic is great and it has a vampire as it’s protagonist! Bleh to vampires? Have no fear! This is a great casual story with nothing over the top. It’s heading the opposite direction of other vampire stories that we’re forced to be accustomed to.

The story is presented as a realistic story and its about seeking equality between humans and vampires. It does have a slow pace since its trying to achieve that realistic atmosphere but it’s done very well as its unfolding the story as it goes along. It’s taking its time, not buying time if that makes sense. Romance does not play a big role until it’s later stages and what I particularly like is that there’s no rush! I enjoy the dude having an internal conflict with himself and doing the chasing; it’s particularly fun since  many other stories involve the leading ladies throwing themselves on the ground for the hero. Putting two tsunderes together is also great comedy value and refreshing in the romance genre.

The fact that it’s easy on the eye makes it great too! Nice, clean, not overtly fancy. You might think it’s sort of cliche since all about one who’s coming out of their shell; but tons of stories are cliche and it’s whats sandwiched in between that matters! Recommended for one who likes some development in the romance department and a good laugh!

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