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It is acknowledged that the world is no short of Japanese culture enthsiasts out there, therefore, a new Japanese pop-culture magazine entitled ‘Visual Scene’ has recently been launched world-wide in English. The magazine was previously only available in Polish but due to demand, a global English version was introduced with the aim to unify all the Japanese culture lovers out there.

The magazine hopes to engage with readers and prides itself to be for fans by fans and apart from covering Japanese pop culture, it also engages other topics such as anime & manga (of course), various reviews and exclusive interviews with musicians and artists alike. The magazine also publishes various artists’ comic strips as well as art and is encouraging for hopeful contributors to contact them.

Snippet from Visual Scene covering music

Their first issue is injected with an dark atmosphere, visiting themes and topics revolving around, “Folklore, phantoms & the present.” If you’re intrigued, do check it out.

We understand that we have younger readers following this blog so please be aware that there are some images that are NSFW. (Not suitable for workplace)

The e-magazine currently retails at US $2.99 on the official website and it will available with interactive links, trailers and other bonuses. You can also obtain free samples of the magazine on their official website. Visit their website for more details and information regarding a contest they are running to win a number of gadgets in commemoration of their launch. Click here to head to their website.



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