One-Shot(s) for the Weekend – Fireball Charming ( ファイアボール チャーミング)

Fireball Charming ( ファイアボール チャーミング)

A 3D computer animation about a female robot duchess named Drossel von Flügel and her guardian servant robot Gedächtnis.

Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy

Status: Completed with 13 episodes

Produced by Jinnis Animation Studios in conjunction with Disney


I told chungky I’d try to have at least one post a week, but what with real life spamming itself into my face I was even hard-pressed to write up this one-shot. But I did promise – and honestly speaking I miss writing posts. So for this weekend when I really need the laughs after yet another tiring week, I bring you Fireball Charming – not just a single one-shot, but a dozen of them!

Okay so Fireball Charming is a bit of old news, being part of last season’s anime batch. It’s another one of those brief shows, and completely worth every scrap of time you can or cannot spare – it’s literally about 2 minutes for each episode.

Fireball Charming is no normal sci-fi anime, I assure you. It is different because of the comedy. And the comedy is different because of the sci-fi. And there is just something completely and hilariously out of this world about this anime that makes it a must-watch. The actions, gestures and interactions of both the characters are more than enough to make you laugh – the simply phenomenal seiyuu (Kawasho Miyuki and Ookawa Tooru) just makes it even better.The one thing I can never get enough of is of those robotic voices just talking. Even the top-notch animation seems to add to the overall joke of the whole situation through irony, in the way that despite all the comic and ridiculous situations, the animation is usually reserved for the kind of story with more – well – story.

After a whole week of not even getting enough sleep and anime, this is the definite must-watch!

Rating: 4.9/5.0


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